Lal Kitab Effects on Sun (Annual Predictions)

Sun In First House

Sun is considered to be the king of all the planets or and the first house in the horoscope. If the Sun is auspicious this year, many good results could be experienced. The person who has well placed Sun in the chart will get benefit

Sun In Second House

Sun placed in second house in the chart is called religious Sun as this house is called temple/ a sacred place. Sun placed in this house has tremendous strength equal to many arms. Such native will progress on account of his/ her har

Sun In Third House

Those who have strong Sun in the third house of their chart, This year will be prosperous. Auspicious ceremonies will be organized at home. Co-operation from friends and younger siblings will boost their moral, and your involvement &

Sun In Fourth House

The position of Sun in the fourth house is the annual/ yearly chart is on indication that there will be happiness and prosperity throughout the year. There will be special affection from mother/ aunty (mother’s sister). Guests will k

Sun In Fifth House

The position of Sun in V house in the yearly / annual chart is considered very auspicious & gets the title of master of family’s growth & prosperity. It is an indication that the fate of the native will get flourish from all the side

Sun In Sixth House

The position of Sun in sixth house in annual chart gives a spend thrift attitude. Sun in sixth house makes the native aggressive like ball of fire, But it bestows the native with good health, & both physically & mentally. There will

Sun In Seventh House

Seventh house Sun in annual/ yearly chart is good for business, and for service as well. The native will gain benefits in business and if in job promotion is likely. Social status & prestige, shall enhances. Colleagues and friends wi

Sun In Eighth House

The position of Sun in the eighth house in the yearly/ annual chart is an indication that the native will start behaving like a saint. There will be benefits is terms of wealth from the in-laws side. The native well behave in more ma

Sun In Ninth House

The position of Sun in ninth house in annual/ yearly chart gives a happy & tension free life during that year. The mental stability of the native gets enhanced. Such a person might be appointed on a higher post in a religious organiz

Sun In Tenth House

The position of Sun in tenth house is considered very auspicious as it attains all powers in this house. But the native becomes psychic too. One gets benefits and prospers in this year. Government related works get accomplished. The

Sun In Eleventh House

The position of Sun in eleventh house is very auspicious and is an indication that one’s all desires will get accomplished during that year. Support from friends, love and affection from elder siblings is likely. There will be child

Sun In Twelfth House

The positions of Sun in the twelfth house in the yearly / annual chart is not considered auspicious. As Sun posited in this house motivates the native to take other’s troubles on one’s shoulders. If the same native is careful, Sun in

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