Lal Kitab Effects on Venus (Natal Chart Reading)

Venus In First House

Venus in the first house– If Venus is the first house of your horoscope. You will be very beautiful and attractive. You will have sharp features and your body will have a good shape. You will have a good balanced body that means you

Venus In Second House

Venus in the Second House– You will have an average and medium height and with a bulky body and broad forehead, fat necks, beautiful and attractive face big eyes and ears with wheatish complexion. Nature

Venus In Third House

Venus in the third house – Since venus is in your third house you will have a medium built to your body, with less hair, wide forehead, twinkling eyes and good teeth. Nature- You will have a clean heart

Venus In Fourth House

Venus in your fourth house–If Venus falls in your fourth house you will be beautiful and attractive. As compared to others in the family you will not be very tall but you would be comparatively delicate and soft. str

Venus In Fifth House

Venus in the Fifth House– Because of Venus in your fifth house you will have good character, bulky body and will not be fair complexioned. Nature – You would want to be completely independent. No matter h

Venus In Sixth House

Venus in the Fifth House– Because of Venus in your sixth house you will be tall. You will have a longish face, black hair and will love food. Nature – You will be intelligent and a translator. You will cr

Venus In Seventh House

Venus in the Seventh House– Because of the Venus in your seventh house you will be a tall and attractive person. Either you or your wife would have long hair. You will be creative and a good actor. This attraction will lead you to ha

Venus In Eighth House

Venus in the Eighth House – Because of Venus in your eighth houses your body and face will lack attractiveness in some form or the other. Nature– Your nature will be cantankerous and impolite. You will start fightin

Venus In Ninth House

Venus in the Ninth House – If Venus is the ninth house you would have an average or medium height. You would have a roundish face, long nose, brown in colour, with the eye similar to that of a cat which will be a major attraction for

Venus In Tenth House

Venus in the Tenth House – Since the Venus is in your tenth house you will be slim and tall. You will have very good teeth, long ears, shiny eyes, thin waste and long arms. In other words you will have an attractive body.

Venus In Eleventh House

Venus in your eleventh house – If venus falls in your eleventh house you will tall beautiful/handsome and attractive looking. You will have a weatish complexion. You will be the center of attraction for everybody around.

Venus In Twelfth House

Venus in your twelfth house – If Venus falls in your twelfth house you will have a small height, and will be stout in stature but will be beautiful. Nature– You will be a peace loving person. You wil

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