Lal Kitab Effects on Venus (Annual Predictions)

Venus In First House

The position of Venus in first house of annual chart enhances physical attributes of the native. Native’s personality will be outstanding and can be noticed among the thousand of person. He will enjoy good food and company of cheerf

Venus In Second House

The position of Venus in the second house of annual chart gives good results. The native gets promotion in that year. Parents in laws provide their full support and financial help/ wealth to the native. There will be more benefits i

Venus In Third House

The position of Venus in third house of annual chart brings creative ideas in native’s mind. One makes new plans and successfully accomplishes them. There will be many short travels with profits. New contacts and companions are made.

Venus In Fourth House

When Venus is positioned in fourth house of annual chart one’s feeling for helping & serving others is increased. One gets happiness through the vehicle. One is able to accomplish many pending works in that year. The native buys Land

Venus In Fifth House

The position of Venus in 5th house in the annual chart makes the native a good counselor. Others who seek advice with the native are benefited in many ways. One’s imagination and will power is enhanced. The native attains honor & prest

Venus In Sixth House

The position of Venus in sixth house of the annual chart brings spiritual enhancement in the native. One’s all follies and mistakes are being granted by God. There will be excellent earning especially by flattery of the ladies. One i

Venus In Seventh House

When Venus is positioned in Seventh house of annual chart, native gets whole hearted support from the wife in all works. One’s wife earns and co-operates with the native shoulder to shoulder. One’s profession will grow and bring pro

Venus In Eighth House

One gets success if he/ she worship family deity when Venus is positioned in eight house of annual chart. There will be chances that such a native will get opportunities to attain salvations in that year. One gets full support from i

Venus In Ninth House

The position of Venus in ninth house of annual chart makes the native stubborn. One goes for pilgrimages. The support of father, grand father gives boost to one’s career. One attains the new heights in business. The native is perse

Venus In Tenth House

The position of Venus in tenth house of annual chart is good for professional matters. One attains professional / career success in that year. Victory in court case is likely. There will be happiness through landed property and vehi

Venus In Eleventh House

The position of Venus is 11th house of annual chart symbolizes happiness & prosperity. The native will earn good money by his/her sheer intelligence in that year and feels financially satisfied & happy person. Many business travels w

Venus In Twelfth House

The position of Venus in 12th house of annual chart bestows one with all kinds of happiness. The native attains prosperity in that year. One feels physical & mental happiness. Government works give benefits to the native. Luck suppo

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