Lal Kitab Father Debt

Marks (Reason) :-

Stopping of temple’s construction, breaking of the temple, cutting of the Papaya tree, changing of dynastic Brahmin or breaking the relation with him, growing of a papaya tree on the roof or wall or shadow of the papaya tree at home and the religious place is to be established connected to the house etc are some reasons of these debts.

Symptoms (Incidents) :-

Sudden hair fall or hair gets white without any reason in the early age. Overnight stolen of gold, wear rosary of rounded manak, barriers in education, spread out speculations, being innocent, need to go to jail, regular marriage break ups or finalized relation beak up etc.

Remedies (Father’s debt) : -

• Accumulate wealth from each of the family members and donate to the religious places.
• Take care of papaya tree.
• Make an establishment of the statue of God Vishnu or Sai baba in any temple.
• Always wear a turban on the head.

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