Lal Kitab Female Debt

Signs (reason) :-

Kill the woman at the time of delivery due to any greed, hatred from cow, usurp someone else’s woman, stay at south door home, having own wife and still make relations with another woman.

Symptoms :-

If Venus hurts then it gives you unwanted results in which joy moments fill with mourns. If anyone dies at the time of marriage or anyone got paralysis or if some awful disease attacks then it is clear that due to female’s debt, Venus is affecting. One side wedding procession and palanquin and on the other side, bier and mourn is the symbol of Venus suffering. Agund of the person is disabled for no reason.

Remedies (Female's Debt) :-

. Feed 100 cows with green fodder in a day after collecting money from all the members of the family.
. Donate milky animal or cow to any poor person.
. Incur the expense of any poor girl's marriage.

Do any convenient solution.

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