Lal Kitab In Eleventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

Jupiter In Eleventh House

Jupiter in the Eleventh house – Because of the Jupiter in your eleventh house you will have an average height. You will be healthy, with a roundish beautiful face. You will have a lot of hair on your body with a protruding stomach.
Ketu In Eleventh House

Physical Traits: The position of Ketu in eleventh house makes the native tall and attractive person. One will have sharp eyes. Nature: You will have good personality you will be endowed with tremendous c
Mars In Eleventh House

Medium of Education and Employment: Mostly Mars in eleventh house makes a person scientist and historical. Because it is your inborn quality to keep anything secret. And due to this you are completely eligible for personal secretar
Mercury In Eleventh House

Physical Traits: The position of Mercury in eleventh house in D/1 natal chart is an indication that the native has average height, round face and short chin. He/she has cheerful appearance which has the capacity to attract others.
Moon In Eleventh House

Moon in the eleventh house- The moon in the eleventh house of your lagna makes you a handsome person .of normal physique and height, wise and dynamic with a great vision. Nature- As a result of this your
Rahu In Eleventh House

Rahu in eleventh house: Rahu is in the eleventh house, due to this you'll be soft-bodied and would have wide forehead and attractive eyes. You will seem like belong to the royal family. Nature: You wil
Saturn In Eleventh House

Saturn in eleventh house- Your Saturn is in the eleventh house, due to which you will have medium sized body, wide cheek and red lean lips. Behavior- You will be quite person. You will listen to all sile
Sun In Eleventh House

Sun in the Eleventh house – Since the sun is in your Eleventh house you will have an average body. You will have an average height and will not be very fair. But you will have good sturdy body. Your shoulders will be broad and the
Venus In Eleventh House

Venus in your eleventh house – If venus falls in your eleventh house you will tall beautiful/handsome and attractive looking. You will have a weatish complexion. You will be the center of attraction for everybody around.
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