Lal Kitab In Eleventh House (Annual Predictions)

Jupiter In Eleventh House

Jupiter in eleventh house in the annual chart is an excellent position and it casts auspicious results in the entire year. Enemies become friends & the native too keeps aside all enmity in order to forgive them and meet like a true
Ketu In Eleventh House

When Ketu is posited in the eleventh house of annual chart, there will be situations of financial gains and one gets desired success. There will be ample opportunities for foreign travel & pilgrimage as well in the entire year which
Mars In Eleventh House

When Mars is positioned in eleventh house in annual chart, native’s all works will be accomplished in systematic manner. Happiness will increase in life. Friends, elder brothers and sisters will give their whole hearted support to th
Mercury In Eleventh House

The position of Mercury in eleventh house of annual chart indicates native’s perseverance nature. He will be sincere and put some extra efforts to complete his works. Business/ job will require his sound decisions only. At this time job will be more
Moon In Eleventh House

Moon in eleventh house is said to be ‘bloody drain’. But the position of Moon in the eleventh house in the yearly chart increases wealth and sources of income. One gets full support of elder siblings and friends. One gets happiness
Rahu In Eleventh House

The position of Rahu in the eleventh house of the annual chart symbolizes victory of good over evil. New contacts will be established. New friends will be made which will be beneficial. There will be many successful travels in and ou
Saturn In Eleventh House

The position of Saturn in eleventh house of annual chart bestows unprecedented financial gains. One receives state honor. The native financial security is established. Many fruitful expenses take place on professional plans, which pr
Sun In Eleventh House

The position of Sun in eleventh house is very auspicious and is an indication that one’s all desires will get accomplished during that year. Support from friends, love and affection from elder siblings is likely. There will be child
Venus In Eleventh House

The position of Venus is 11th house of annual chart symbolizes happiness & prosperity. The native will earn good money by his/her sheer intelligence in that year and feels financially satisfied & happy person. Many business travels w
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