Lal Kitab In First House (Natal Chart Reading)

Jupiter In First House

Jupiter in the first house - Since Jupiter is in your first house you will have an average height, big face, big forehead and glow on your face. Your skin color will not be fair. Nature – You will be a
Ketu In First House

Physical Traits: If Ketu is positioned in the first house of your D/1 natal chart, it gives wheatish complexion and beautiful face. There will be spark in the eyes. Nature: With calm & cool temperament
Mars In First House

Medium of Education and Employment: If Mars is at right position, your mind gets powered and makes you successful businessman. You may get job in government sector or in army and you will be very enthusiastic. You may become a good
Mercury In First House

Physical Traits: The position of Mercury in first house of D/1 natal chart indicates average height of the native; with oval shaped face, thin lips, reddish golden hair, and positive thought are other physical traits of the native.
Moon In First House

Moon in the First House- Due to the influence of moon you will be of fair complexion. You are blessed with a unique attraction on your face which will draw people’s trust in you. You will be of short height. You are likely to have sm
Rahu In First House

Rahu in first house: Your Rahu is in the first house so you will be tall, fair and will have some spot on your face. Nature : you will be lazy by nature. You would not like suggestions given by others
Saturn In First House

Saturn in first phase: Because of Saturn, your eyes will be small but eyesight would be good. Your hair will be of black color. You may be of medium height. Your face color does not matter whether it is fair or not as you will be att
Sun In First House

Sun in the first house : Sun in the first house helps you to be recognized as person who attaches a lot of value to truth and belongs to satyuga (Era of truth). It is because of this that you will be drawn into EGO. Jupiter in the fi
Venus In First House

Venus in the first house– If Venus is the first house of your horoscope. You will be very beautiful and attractive. You will have sharp features and your body will have a good shape. You will have a good balanced body that means you
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