Lal Kitab In Fourth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Jupiter In Fourth House

Jupiter in the Fourth house - Since Jupiter is in your fourth house you will have a small height and average looks. You will not have the glow on your face. The palm of your hand will be bigger compared to the fingers. In totality y
Ketu In Fourth House

Physical Traits: The position of Ketu in fourth house of natal chart makes a native tall & strong built up. Your complexion will be fair but you always remain tensed up. Nature: You would like to he
Mars In Fourth House

Mars in fourth house: As your Mars is in the fourth house, you will be thin, dwarf and possess bad behavior. Your physique would be strange even then you will have attraction powers. Nature: Because o
Mercury In Fourth House

Physical Traits: If the position of Mercury is in fourth house your height and physique is not very strong. You will have beautiful sharp nose, sharp eyes but you will be lazy person with dry nature. Nature: /s
Moon In Fourth House

Moon in the fourth house- Your moon is in the fourth house due to which you will be blessed with a good physic. You will possess a pleasing and attractive personality. Your face will bear the mark of a mole or a scar.
Rahu In Fourth House

Rahu in fourth house: Generally, the person, who belongs to fourth house of Rahu, has different shape, sometimes seems to be thin or sometimes fatty. It is tough to say anything on the texture of such type of person as Rahu is a sha
Saturn In Fourth House

Saturn in fourth house: As your Saturn in the fourth house, you will be thin and would have tired eyes. Also, you will have a spot or mole on your face. Nature: You will have a weak heart and you will
Sun In Fourth House

Sun in the Fourth house :If the sun comes in yourfourth house.The structure of your body will be more like the moon. You will be very fair with a rounded face and roundish fat body. But if the sun does receive the auspiciousness of t
Venus In Fourth House

Venus in your fourth house–If Venus falls in your fourth house you will be beautiful and attractive. As compared to others in the family you will not be very tall but you would be comparatively delicate and soft. str
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