Lal Kitab In Ninth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Jupiter In Ninth House

Jupiter in the Ninth house - Since Jupiter is in your Ninth house you will be tall, healthy very with a long face and attractive body. You will be handsome looking and will have a special charm on your face. Nat
Ketu In Ninth House

Physical Traits: The position of Ketu in ninth house in D/1 natal chart gives physical luster to the native. He will be the most attractive person in the family. Nature: You will have sweet nature and
Mars In Ninth House

Medium of Education and Employment: Mars is a planet to respect justice. And mars in ninth house gives special intelligence to a person. You can be a good politician. You will get benefits from your power. You will be interested in
Mercury In Ninth House

Physical Traits: If Mercury is positioned in ninth house of D/1 natal chart it is an indication that the native is tall, with strong built up, reliable and would love natural beauty. Nature: You tend
Moon In Ninth House

Moon in the ninth house- The moon is in your ninth house which makes you look handsome, strongly built and very capable personality. It because you are a fair complexioned, medium heighted, conservative, sober and high spirited indiv
Rahu In Ninth House

Rahu in ninth house: Your Rahu is in the ninth house, due to which you will be tall and would have dark complextion. Nature: You would be desperate for happiness and you will be the person, who would be
Saturn In Ninth House

Saturn in ninth house- Your Saturn is in the ninth house, due to which you will be dark and tall. Behavior- you will be cool headed and cool looking person. You will not express your emotions by your fac
Sun In Ninth House

Sun in the Ninth house – Since the sun is in your Ninth house you will have good body proportion. Wide forehead, good height, long nose and sparkling eyes. Besides being fair you will have an attractive and stylish look. You will ha
Venus In Ninth House

Venus in the Ninth House – If Venus is the ninth house you would have an average or medium height. You would have a roundish face, long nose, brown in colour, with the eye similar to that of a cat which will be a major attraction for
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