Lal Kitab In Second House (Natal Chart Reading)

Jupiter In Second House

Jupiter in the second house - Since Jupiter is in your second house you will be fair looking. You will have beautiful and attractive eyes. You will be a very handsome and good looking. Nobody can stop themselves from adoring your ch
Ketu In Second House

Physical Traits. If the position of Ketu is in second house of D/1 natal chart it is an indication that the native is of average height and with strong built up. He/she would like to use strong scented perfumes. strong
Mars In Second House

Mars in second house:As your Mars is in the second house, you will be beautiful and will have good height. You will have medium fair color, thin legs and long arms. Nature: Your nature will like a narrow
Mercury In Second House

Physical Traits: The position of Mercury in second house in D/1 natal chart makes the native physically strong by birth. You will be healthy of whitish complexion & with short hair. You will be lazy and happy go lucky person with sw
Moon In Second House

Moon in the second house- For you the moon is in the second house due to which your complexion will be fair. You eyes will be beautiful and attractive, you will tend to be of medium height and will draw people’s hearts towards yourse
Rahu In Second House

Rahu in second house: As your Rahu is in the second house, your complexion will be dark and you will be attractive. Behaviour Due to the presence of Rahu in second house, planets of Jupiter/Venus
Saturn In Second House

Saturn in second house: If Saturn is in the second house then the individual would have attractive features. You would have medium height, having a long nose, will have tendency to turn eyes round, broad shoulders, and small legs. Yo
Sun In Second House

Sun in the Second house : Since the sun is in your second house you will neither have a too dark nor too fair a complexion. You will be able to attract others. You will be average looking when it comes to face. You will have a decent
Venus In Second House

Venus in the Second House– You will have an average and medium height and with a bulky body and broad forehead, fat necks, beautiful and attractive face big eyes and ears with wheatish complexion. Nature
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