Lal Kitab In Seventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

Jupiter In Seventh House

Jupiter in the seventh house - Since Jupiter is in your seventh house you will have a radiant face. You will have a well toned body. You will have an attractive and a fit body. Nature - You will be f
Ketu In Seventh House

Physical Traits: The position of Ketu in seventh house of D/1 natal chart signifies Venusians’ traits in the personality. As per kal Purush Kundli seventh house is ruled by Venus planet. One’s complexion, behavior, nature and physi
Mars In Seventh House

Mars in seventh house: Due to the presence of Mars in the seventh house, you would be beautiful, tall, attractive, money spender, cloth jewelry and perfume lover. Behavior: you would be a hot tempered
Mercury In Seventh House

Physical Traits: If the position of Mercury is in seventh house of D/1 natal chart it aspects your lagna and gives one a tall, thin and attractive physical appearance with golden hair. You will a person of beautiful thoughts, broad
Moon In Seventh House

Moon in the seventh house- Due to moon in the seventh house you will be blessed with tall height and well built physique. You will possess a mixed complexion. In proportion to your size of the body you have small hands. You will have
Rahu In Seventh House

Rahu in seventh house: Your Rahu is in the seventh house, due to which you have a speciality that your feet’s appears to be little bend and knees appears to be in upward direction. Your physique would be perfect and attractive for la
Saturn In Seventh House

Saturn in seventh house- As your Saturn in the seventh house, you will be thin. Your complexion will be fair and stature will be medium. Behavior- You will be an innocent and scary person. You would not
Sun In Seventh House

Sun in the Seventh house – Since the sun is in your seventh house. You will have round and radiant face with a very attractive skin color. Your physical features will have a very distinct feature and that is your feet will be slightl
Venus In Seventh House

Venus in the Seventh House– Because of the Venus in your seventh house you will be a tall and attractive person. Either you or your wife would have long hair. You will be creative and a good actor. This attraction will lead you to ha
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