Lal Kitab In Sixth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Jupiter In Sixth House

Jupiter in the sixth house - Since Jupiter is in your sixth house you will be tall, slim and good looking. You will not have black hair, sharp mind and balance in your thoughts. Nature - You will be a
Ketu In Sixth House

Physical Traits: The position of Ketu in sixth house makes the native attractive & good looking. Nature: Sixth house Ketu gives you attraction and cheerful temperament. It bestows auspicious results
Mars In Sixth House

Mars in sixth house: As your Mars is in sixth house, you would be lean in childhood and in the middle age you would become obese. You will be recognized separately in the crowd. You might have a mole or wart on your face. br
Mercury In Sixth House

Physical Traits: If the position of Mercury is in sixth house of D/1 natal chart it indicates that the native will have tall, lean, physic. There will be lack of attraction in the personality but he/she will have sharp & conscious i
Moon In Sixth House

Moon in the sixth house- Your moon belongs to the sixth house due to which your complexion is wheat-ish. You will be of mediocre height and physic. You ll be physically agile. You will have a gift of gab and you will tend to be talka
Rahu In Sixth House

Rahu in sixth house: Your Rahu is in the sixth house, so you would be tall and attractive. You would have a mark on your abdomen near the navel by birth. Nature : Rahu in sixth house makes you intell
Saturn In Sixth House

Saturn in sixth house- You will be tall, lean and you will have a long head. You will not be beautiful or ugly. You will have normal features. Behavior- You will be clever while talking with someone but
Sun In Sixth House

Sun in the Sixth house : Since the sun is in the sixth house you will not have a very attractive body. You will be emaciated. There are chances of you breaking your front teeth during your childhood. You will be relatively dark, with
Venus In Sixth House

Venus in the Fifth House– Because of Venus in your sixth house you will be tall. You will have a longish face, black hair and will love food. Nature – You will be intelligent and a translator. You will cr
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