Lal Kitab In Tenth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Jupiter In Tenth House

Jupiter in the Tenth house – Such people are physically laid back. Your height and body structure would have a medium built with wide cheeks and red lips. Eyes are generally red. Your voice would be similar to that of a lion or thun
Ketu In Tenth House

Physical Traits: The position of Ketu in tenth house makes the native lean & thin physically. Big eyes, wide teeth, and prominent nose are the other features. The native has thin yet oval face. There are moles on the
Mars In Tenth House

Medium of Education and Employment: You will be a hard working student and you education can be completed away from your home in a hostel. You will get engineering education but select the other mode for you business or livelihood.
Mercury In Tenth House

Physical Traits: If Mercury is positioned in tenth house of D/1 natal chart it is an indication that the native will have thin appearance with dark or whitish complexion. You will have short hair. Nature: /stro
Moon In Tenth House

Moon in the tenth house- Your moon is in the tnth house which makes you an attractive person. You face will have a mole or unlucky mark. Your hair is likely to be short. Your personality will be a balanced one.
Rahu In Tenth House

Rahu in tenth house: Your Rahu is in the tenth house, so you will be lean, short, have scary face, unattractive. You will be selfish and would have strange behavior. Nature: You would be friendly a
Saturn In Tenth House

Saturn in tenth house- Your medium stature will be proportional heavy. Your eyes will be very attractive. Behavior- You will be a scholar and will be respected in the society. You will be known in each a
Sun In Tenth House

Sun in the Tenth house – Since the sun is in your Tenth house you will have an attractive personality. You will have an average height and will not be very fair. During your childhood you will be lean and thin but by the mid years of
Venus In Tenth House

Venus in the Tenth House – Since the Venus is in your tenth house you will be slim and tall. You will have very good teeth, long ears, shiny eyes, thin waste and long arms. In other words you will have an attractive body.
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