Lal Kitab In Twelfth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Jupiter In Twelfth House

Jupiter in the twelfth house – Since Jupiter is in your twelfth house you will be short and fat. Your hands and feet will be quite small. You would have silken hair, fair skin, and a radiant face. You would have large attractive eye
Ketu In Twelfth House

Physical Traits: The position of Ketu in 12th house of D/1 natal chart indicates mediocre height. One will have dark complexion with dark and quiet eyes which will always be seen inquisitive in search of something new. br
Mars In Twelfth House

Medium of Education and Employment: You will be brilliant and will also be interested in sports and will get fame in sports also. If you make your career related field with sports then you will be more successful than others. br/
Mercury In Twelfth House

Physical Traits: The position of Mercury in 12th house in D/1 natal chart indicates that the native has strong built up, with adequate height, balanced body and fair complexion. Nature: You are pure h
Moon In Twelfth House

Moon in the twelfth house- Since the moon is in this house you happen to have a very good personality with round face ,huge eyes, strong muscular body and normal height will make you look handsome indeed. Nature
Rahu In Twelfth House

Rahu in twelfth house: As your Rahu is in the twelfth house, you will be middle sized in respect of height and body. You will have wide body. Nature: You will be very sharp minded and live in dreamy wor
Saturn In Twelfth House

Saturn in twelfth house- As your Saturn is in the twelfth house, you will be attractive and innocent looking person. You will have congenital magnetic power in your eyes. If you see someone by the smiling face then he/she will leave
Sun In Twelfth House

Sun in the Twelfth house – Since the sun is in your Twelfth house you will have an average body and will not be very fair. But you will have a weak body. You may be anemic. You will be a lazy person and fun loving person. br/
Venus In Twelfth House

Venus in your twelfth house – If Venus falls in your twelfth house you will have a small height, and will be stout in stature but will be beautiful. Nature– You will be a peace loving person. You wil
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