Lal Kitab Mother Debt

Symptoms :-

Presence of pure and worshipped river, pond or well near to the residence or throw dirt in that etc.

Disastrous results :-

The person leaves his/her mother out of the house for encountering several problems. His/her mind remains restless and repeatedly attempts to suicide. The person starts shouting while seeing any sea or pond. The person misbehaves with his/her mother and gets cursed by her. Apart from this, sudden death of milk giving animal in the house, frequent wastage of wealth or one who comes to help the person to be harmed etc.

Remedies ( Mother's Debt) :-

• Accumulate silver in equal quantity from each of the family member and Leave it in the flowing water in a day.
• Offer milk to the old women.
• Make the construction of Vradhashram.

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