Lal Kitab Remedies for Eighth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. You must keep the dog.

2. Avoid bare the head and must wear cap.

3. Offer water to Shivalinga.

4. Serve or help the disabled.

5. Put sesame oil lamp in the house.

6. Don’t put garbage in west direction of the house.

7. Keep a square piece of silver with you.

8. Wear silver.

9. Shed 800 gram tin in the running water.

10. Donate blankets for cemeteries land.

11. Always wear a silver chain round your neck

12. While studying keep a glass full of water on your left and take regular sips of water from the glass to be able to concentrate your mind.

13. Instal a fountain in the north of your house

14. Chant the mantra-“Om Namah Shivaay”

15. Refrain from setting up a hand pump or digging a well under the roof of your house.

16. Otherwise you may have to suffer the ill consequences throughout your life. The reason being that twelfth house is akin to the sky and the moon is related to water .If instead of being allowed to be under open sky sources of water are covered by your house –roof,it will have adverse effect on mental peace, milk facilities, rice and even mother.

17. Wear silver rings in thumb toe.

18. Yellow flowers bearing plants should be planted in plenty at home.

19. Gift fennel or honey.

20. Don’t paint your office / house in green color.

21. Place a mirror in North/ east direction of the house.

22. Don’t buy house that cuts in the north side.

23. Offer sweet paan to an aged/senior person.

24. If Mercury is afflicted donate Mercury items like green Moong daal, green fruits, green cardamom, bronze vessels etc.

25. Wear silver on your body.

26. Do not take up the property of anyone who does not have any children.

27. Use rose water every day for your eyes if you are suffering from eye problems.

28. You should keep a white animal as a pet.

29. Wear a thick copper or gold bracelet without any joints on your right wrist this gives strength to the sun.


31. Respect religion. Instead of being superstitious follow religion normally.

32. Do not get involved in the construction of religious sites.

33. Make arrangements for educating poor and orphan children.

34. Decorate your office and house with yellow flowers .

35. Do not keep relationship with characterless women.

36. Do not engage in activities related to Saturn.

37. Always apply perfumes/deodorants.

38. Always wear clean shining and pressed clothes.

39. Put raw rice in a silver box and keep it in your house. (For business)

40. Feed milk to snakes. ( For getting favours from government)

41. Fill a silver box with honey and keep it in your house. (For Peace at home)

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