Lal Kitab Remedies for Eleventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Insert 4 liters of milk in a well every day.

2. Do not use milk or products made from milk at night.

3. Serve food to a poor worker.

4. Do not wear black or blue clothes on Monday.

5. Feed crows with chapati having milk or curd.

6. Go for light color interior in your house.

7. Worship God Vishnu.

8. Wear silver ring in the right leg’s toe and tie black color thread in your legs in order to remove the problem of spine bone.

9. If you are going to construct your house then do not stop it in the middle and get it fully completed.

10. Fill fennel in a small polythene and keep it in your room.

11. Keep your house clean and airy.

12. Always follow religion. Don’t change your religion.

13. Donate Red Masoor daal to poor or to a religious place.

14. Make your Jupiter strong.

15. Feed a multicolored dog with bread & milk for seven days.

16. Perform Shraadh for your ancestors in Pitr Paksha.

17. Offer water to Sun.

18. Donate a goat as it is the signification animal of Mercury. Donating goat is the best remedy to remove the negative effects of Mercury.

19. Soak whole green Moong dal at night and feed the birds with it next morning.

20. Clean your teeth with alum.

21. Offer a silver umbrella to Goddess Durga.

22. Wear copper coin in silver chain (Silver to appease Moon and round coin in copper signifies sun planet). It is said that sun & Moon are parents of Mercury who can improve the spoiled Mercury.

23. Serve your sister & aunt (females relatives are Mercury’s significations. Mercury gets strength if these relatives are happy in their life.)

24. Clean your teeth with alum (alum is governed by Mercury and one may over come dental diseases by using alum).

25. Don’t keep furniture in green color at home this enhances inauspiciousness of Mercury.

26. Wear a steel ring or bracelet which is in one piece without any joint on Wednesday.

27. Feed the birds.

28. Wear a coral. (Get coral fitted as a ring in copper).

29. Have your dining room in the east.

30. Wear a saffron teelak on your forehead every day.

31. Have a picture of sun’s face placed on the eastern part of your wall.

32. Eastern part of the country will be good for business for you.

33. Decorate the main door of your house or office with yellow colour.

34. Pray to god Vishnu.

35. Treat your friends with sweet rolled betel leaves.

36. Do not get in to business partnership with your wife’s relatives.

37. Engage in business in the eastern direction of your house.

38. Wear a silver ring.

39. Pierce the ears and wear gold ear rings.

40. Wear silver rings in thumb toe.

41. Yellow flowers bearing plants should be planted in plenty at home.

42. Serve food to blind person in blind hermitage on your every birthday.

43. Feed deers on the regualar basis to decrease the bad effects of Mars.

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