Lal Kitab Remedies for Fifth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Don’t keep your house flooring red in colour.

2. Don’t put elephant teeth in your house. Elephant symbolizes Rahu and Rahu is the enemy of Mars. Try to make distance from drinking and do not support evil spirits and punks.

3. You should take one spoon of honey on the daily basis to reduce the sins of Mars.

4. Wear pearl stone in your ring to get love of mother.

5. Do not buy property for farming.

6. Find remedies for ketu debt or pitra debt.

7. Ask your family priest to resolve the sarpshish dosh.

8. Keep silver plate on the threshold of the house for getting child.

9. Keep elephant of silver in your house.

10. Go for another marriage (with proper rituals).

11. Distribute the medicine for eye sight if you get your eye sight weak.

12. Dip pulses overnight and give that to birds in the morning.

13. Bury red alumen under the Earth.

14. Drain rice in running water.

15. Keep and nourish a dog in your house.

16. If you use your cultivable land to get a well dug for common good it will destroy you as moon in the sixth house is weak and hence moon weakens it even more.

17. You should take up profession related to clothes or stitching of apparels.

18. Must make arrangements for water in hospitals or crematories. IF YOU ARE AILING from any disease your presence in a hospital or crematory makes the moon beneficial.

19. Every full moon you must sight it an drake its blessings.

20. Refrain from getting married in the 24th and 36th years of your life

21. Gift away silver

22. Fill up rainwater in a bottle and keep it carefully in your house.

23. Show great care and regard to elderly ladies who are akin to your mother.

24. Visit to Lord Ganapati temple and chant Ganesh Mantra ‘ Om Gan Ganpataye Namah’.

25. Feed the dogs with milk & bread.

26. Wearing emerald gemstone in gold ring in little finger of right hand on Wednesday will be auspicious.

27. Chant ‘Om ghrini surya aditya’ daily

28. Wear ruby on your body.

29. Gift a bottle of alcohol to your friends. It reduces the bad impact of Saturn on sun. Because in kalpurush’s horoscope eleventh house belongs to Saturn. And Saturn spoils the impact of sun.

30. Have faith in your religion and do not go against the religion.

31. Clean your private parts with potassium or fennel water.

32. Woman should not walk bear feet.

33. Keep a round silver ball in your pocket.

34. Use cream or yellow colour to paint your house. And get the doors of your house painted with cream colour.

35. Do not engage in any activities related to gold this will not have good impact on your wealth and property.

36. Gift your wife a golden hair clip. (For wife’s health)

37. Have the slant of your lawn in north-east and upper in the south-west.

38. Distribute 43 handkerchiefs to 43 different people.

39. For child birth recite Haribans puran or shri gopal sahagnam

40. Donate build a temple in your house.

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