Lal Kitab Remedies for First House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Make good relations with brothers.

2. Serve little girls.

3. Worship God Hanuman.

4. Don’t give space to your married sister and aunt at home as it makes the Mars unfavorable.

5. Don’t live in south facing home.

6. If Rahu is good then keep elephant’s teeth at home (not elephant’s toy)

7. Make Durga text.

8. Do not get rapairing work done in the bathroom.

9. Buy home of the person, who don’t have any child.

10. Serve mother.

11. Wear silver (silver is the assest of Moon and Moon is the lord of fourth house).

12. Worship Maa Saraswati.

13. Cradle brown black dog.

14. Keep a black tablet of glass with you.

15. Worship God Ganesha.

16. Recite ‘Om Ganpataye Namah’

17. Wear gold ring.

18. Impose saffron tilak.

19. Give bread and chapatti to dogs.

20. Install water fountain in North East direction of the house.

21. Donate coconut in a religious place.

22. You must take silver from your mother and carry it in your purse. Both mother and silver are akin to the power of moon and therefore it increases the benefits of the influences of moon.

23. For good health and education you must drink water or milk out of a silver glass.

24. After bathing run off the dirty water immediately into the drain, and dry the floor with a wiper.

25. Refrain from setting up a hand pump or digging a well under the roof of your house. Otherwise you may have to suffer the ill consequences throughout your life. The reason being that twelfth house is akin to the sky and the moon is related to water .If instead of being allowed to be under open sky sources of water are covered by your house –roof,it will have adverse effect on mental peace, milk facilities, rice and even mother.

26. Fill a small silver box with rice grains and keep at home.

27. Avoid alcohol.

28. Pet a black dog.

29. Keep a gold brick or some Kesar(saffron) in your cash box.

30. Wear hessonite in silver ring.

31. Do not keep arms which have a sharp edge. Or anything which has rusted like knifes and blades, nails, screwdrivers etc.

32. Wear a coral. (Get coral fitted as a ring in gold or copper and wear it in the middle finger to get the help of Mars).

33. Donate electrical equipment to people if sun is highly inauspicious.

34. Take the opinion of your mother.

35. Keep religious books or temple in the eastern part of your house or office.

36. Plant white flower bearing plants.

37. Give silk dresses as gift to your family members.

38. Get the mantra OM DRA DRI DRON ShShukrayaNamah , engraved on silver palate or locket and also chant the mantra and keep the palate in your house or with you.

39. Fill a small silver box with pure water and keep it in your house.

40. Feed cows with green fodder and sweet bread on Fridays.

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