Lal Kitab Remedies for Fourth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Make your relationship strong with in laws.

2. Keep fasting on Tuesday or worship Lord Hanuman.

3. Try to chant the mantra for mars i.e. “Om kram krim krau sah bhaumaye” 108 times on Tuesday or Saturday.

4. Do not live in south direction, as it would harm you. As in south, Mars is strong and here evil Mars will harm you.

5. Try to make joyous relations with your siblings.

6. Keep red handkerchief in your pocket if your brother is alive and you have bad relation with him. (Red colour is the symbol of Mars and due to this; you get support from your brother and friends.)

7. Do not take electricity assets from in-laws house after marriage.

8. Fall soil of elephent’leg in the well.

9. Keep good relation with the mother.

10. Don’t get married before the age of 27 years old.

11. Make an iron ball red colored and keep it with you.

12. Do not make property by your name before the age of 48.

13. Bury the piece of Surma outside your house.

14. Make west direction high at home or office.

15. Do not involve your in-laws in business.

16. Always have water out of a silver glass to strengthen the effect of moon.

17. Wear a silver chain round your neck, as silver is akin to moon.

18. Arrange for clothes or food for nuns in the church.

19. To the north of the office or house keep a pair of dolphins as north is the moon’s direction and dolphins are symbolic of the moon.

20. The slope of the house or office should be sloping from the north. As the direction of the moon is north water should flow downwards from the north. This way water will not stagnate in front of the house.

21. Gift silk clothes to your mother or an elderly lady and receive blessings from the moon. Fill the water from a natural spring or river in a container and place it in your house for not less than ten years –this turns moon in your favour.

22. Distribute liquid medicine to poor and needy if someone at home is permanently ill.

23. Do not keep illegitimate relationships

24. Refrain from using black and blue colours.

25. Avoid business in partnership.

26. Do wear a golden chain or yellow colored thread in your neck.

27. Pet a dog; if one dog does not survive get other dog.

28. Wear a steel ring (which has no joint) in little finger (it will enhance Mercury auspiciousness).

29. Feed the cows with green fodder.

30. Visit your religious places on Sunday’s.

31. Just obey and do things that your father asks you to do.

32. Wear gold it gives strength to the sun.

33. Keep a golden colour handkerchief in your pocket

34. Plant trees bearing yellow flowers.

35. Keep seeds of flowers in your pocket and wherever you go just spread them so that you may benefit in times to come.

36. Wear yellow sapphire in gold.

37. Take care of orphan children.

38. Donate Yellow gram pulses at a religious place. (for health)

39. Donate multi coloured blankets in temples.

40. In your toe wear a round silver ring.

41. Fill a small silver box with honey and keep it in your house. (Silver represents moon and honey is for mars will help in improving the status of inauspicious Venus.).

42. Chant Om DraDri Sham Shukrayanamah 16000 times.You should chant this mantra sitting on a wollen/white mat facing eastward.

43. Have good conduct with the ladies.

44. Give gift of silk cloth to a lady who is close to your mother’s age.

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