Lal Kitab Remedies for First House (Annual Predictions)

1. Refrain from setting up a hand pump or digging a well under the roof of your house. Otherwise you may have to suffer the ill consequences throughout your life. The reason being that twelfth house is akin to the sky and the moon is related to water .If instead of being allowed to be under open sky sources of water are covered by your house –roof,it will have adverse effect on mental peace, milk facilities, rice and even mother.

2. Wear silver rings in thumb toe.

3. Yellow flowers bearing plants should be planted in plenty at home.

4. Gift fennel or honey.

5. Offer water to the sun.

6. Wear gold on your body.

7. Do not sell gold during your life-time.

8. If you stay in south facing house then tie a silver wire on the frame of the main entrance. This will enable the moon to reduce the bad impact of sun.

9. Have a waterfall on the northern side of your house or office.

10. Mix Curd (thing of the Venus) with your bathing water and take bath with the same.

11. Recite Durga path (nqxkZikB) or get innocent girls to do it.

12. Offer yellow lemon at the place of worship.

13. Do not build your house in the vicinity of a religious place.

14. Receive the blessing of your grandparents, parents, Brahmins or cows by taking care and being at their service.

15. Do not show your naked body to anyone.

16. Fill a brass utensil with pure water and keep it in your house.

17. Pray to god Vishnu.

18. Distribute yellow colored sweets for 43 days if Jupiter is highly auspicious.

19. Use white paint in your house instead of cream or yellow.

20. Pierce a copper coin and wear it as neckpiece in a white thread or silver chain.

21. Plant trees bearing yellow flowers.

22. Keep seeds of flowers in your pocket and wherever you go just spread them so that you may benefit in times to come.

23. Wear yellow sapphire in gold.

24. Take care of orphan children.

25. Donate Yellow gram pulses at a religious place. (for health)

26. Gift your wife a golden hair clip. (For wife’s health)

27. Have the slant of your lawn in north-east and upper in the south-west.

28. Distribute 43 handkerchiefs to 43 different people.

29. For child birth recite Haribans puran or shri gopal sahagnam

30. Donate build a temple in your house.

31. Do not donate your old clothes.

32. Feeding the cows with green fodder and sweet bread will bring happiness in your married life.

33. Gift god Vishnu with yellow sandal wood teeka.

34. Fill any vessel with pure water and put a square silver piece inside and cover the same with a lid and keep it in your house.

35. Wear gold or gold jewelry.

36. Plant lemon tree at religious places or near places where dead bodies are fumigated.

37. Tie 8 turmeric knots in a red cloth and keep it in your house.


39. Chant Gayatri mantra every day.

40. Put turmeric or saffron in bathing water and take bath from that water.

41. Respect religion. Instead of being superstitious follow religion normally.

42. Do not get involved in the construction of religious sites.

43. Make arrangements for educating poor and orphan children.

44. Decorate your office and house with yellow flowers .

45. Do not keep relationship with characterless women.

46. Do not engage in activities related to Saturn.

47. Take care of your mother.

48. Wear a lot of gold.

49. Stay away from alcohol and drugs.

50. Do not take any free gifts from others.

51. Give monetary help to poor labourers.

52. Wear 1.25 ounce pokhraj in gold.

53. Give burial clothes and make arrangements for their funeral of dead orphans.

54. Wear a silver chain.

55. Take care of a pepal tree.

56. Donate medicine in hospital.

57. Decorate the main door of your house or office with yellow colour.

58. Pray to god Vishnu.

59. Treat your friends with sweet rolled betel leaves.

60. Do not get in to business partnership with your wife’s relatives.

61. Engage in business in the eastern direction of your house.

62. Wear a silver ring.

63. Always keep your house well perfumed and nice smelling

64. Offer blue colour flowers or bouquet of blue colour flowers to goddess Saraswati..

65. Dig and put blue marbles inside the ground in a peaceful place..

66. In your bad times read DurgaSaptsati’skujikastrota daily.

67. Take care of a female horse.

68. Decorate your house with blue and white flowers.

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