Lal Kitab Remedies for Second House (Annual Predictions)

1. Recite ‘Om Ganpataye Namah’

2. Wear gold ring.

3. Impose saffron tilak.

4. Give bread and chapatti to dogs.

5. Install water fountain in North East direction of the house.

6. Pay obeisance to religious places.


8. Don’t trade in milk and milk products.

9. Wrap silver or rice in a white cloth and keep it at your home, this will change inauspicious moon into auspicious and yield good results.

10. Serve a mare, you will derive untold benefits. Because a mare is an animal of the moon. Therefore by serving it you derive untold benefits of health and wealth.

11. Must distribute sweetmeats and kheer made out of milk on festival days.

12. Bring some water from the cremation ground and keep it in a corner of your home. If no water is available in the crematorium then you may fill a bottle with water at home and carry it to the crematorium, keep it there for some time and bring it back and carefully place it in your home. This will help you to lessen the ill-effects of moon in your life.

13. Either gift an elder something or give away silver in alms.

14. Take the blessings of mother or her older sister in-law in the family

15. Refrain from black-magic and tantra.

16. Gift silk clothes to your mother or an elderly lady and receive blessings from the moon. Fill the water from a natural spring or river in a container and place it in your house for not less than ten years –this turns moon in your favour.

17. Distribute liquid medicine to poor and needy if someone at home is permanently ill.

18. Do not keep illegitimate relationships

19. Refrain from using black and blue colours.

20. Gift away silver

21. Fill up rainwater in a bottle and keep it carefully in your house.

22. Show great care and regard to elderly ladies who are akin to your mother.

23. Visit to Lord Ganapati temple and chant Ganesh Mantra ‘ Om Gan Ganpataye Namah’.

24. Feed the dogs with milk & bread.

25. Pet a dog at home.

26. Those are suffering from health problems like lungs diseases Channa dal should be immersed in flowing water.

27. Serve your brothers & sisters.

28. Donate Lemons at religious places.

29. Worship lord shiva

30. Worship lord Ganesha daily.

31. Wear emerald in gold ring.

32. Don’t use green color curtains or clothes in your furniture if Mercury is inauspicious in the chart.

33. Feed the cow with green fodder and jaggery for consecutive 43 days to ward off the inauspiciousness of Mercury.

34. Donate milk, rice, sugar, turmeric, channa daal & banana fruits etc in temple.

35. Gift Toffees to small children.

36. Do worship for Goddess Durga.

37. Chant this mantra daily 108 times.

38. Feed the disabled person with Moong dal kichadi.

39. Avid extra marital relations.

40. Offer water to Sun.

41. Donate a goat as it is the signification animal of Mercury. Donating goat is the best remedy to remove the negative effects of Mercury.

42. Soak whole green Moong dal at night and feed the birds with it next morning.

43. Clean your teeth with alum.

44. Offer a silver umbrella to Goddess Durga.

45. Serve your sister, aunt and daughter.

46. Wear a gold chain on Wednesday for wealth / property.

47. Put Kesar Tilak.

48. Fill a brass vessel with Gangajal and keep it at home.

49. Fill a small silver box with rice grains and keep at home.

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