Lal Kitab Remedies for Third House (Annual Predictions)

1. Do blood donation on your birthday.

2. Neither wear red and maroon clothes nor do your interior decoration with red paint.

3. Keep some sugar in pocket and try to take it on regular intervals.

4. If you are getting bad effects of Mars then drain the things like honey or anisum in outside your house sewer for 43 days and in this way, you will be able to remove the bad effects of Mars.

5. Have control on your voice.

6. Take a piece of square shaped silver in your pocket or in your chain. (Silver represents moon and square shape is for Mars so it gives strength to Mars.)

7. Try not to indulge in brothers’ disputes.

8. Make your relationship strong with in laws.

9. Keep fasting on Tuesday or worship Lord Hanuman.

10. Try to chant the mantra for mars i.e. “Om kram krim krau sah bhaumaye” 108 times on Tuesday or Saturday.

11. Do not live in south direction, as it would harm you. As in south, Mars is strong and here evil Mars will harm you.

12. Try to make joyous relations with your siblings.

13. Keep red handkerchief in your pocket if your brother is alive and you have bad relation with him. (Red colour is the symbol of Mars and due to this; you get support from your brother and friends.)

14. Don’t keep your house flooring red in colour.

15. Don’t put elephant teeth in your house. Elephant symbolizes Rahu and Rahu is the enemy of Mars. Try to make distance from drinking and do not support evil spirits and punks.

16. You should take one spoon of honey on the daily basis to reduce the sins of Mars.

17. Wear pearl stone in your ring to get love of mother.

18. Do not buy property for farming.

19. Don’t do business in partnership.

20. If Mars is too much sinister then mars related things like honey, aniseeds, chhohara should not be kept inside the house and should bury outside your home.

21. Take a medicinal bath in order to make your Mars calm. Mix milk, jaymasi, red flower, Gangajal, nagkesr and jayapusp in water for medicinal bath.

22. Never play gambling, speculation and lottery.

23. Never fight with father and do work with father’s advice.

24. Read hanuman chalisa and sundar kand.

25. Serve sweet food in andhvidhyalaya on 27 Tuesdays.

26. Put copper vessel filled with water near to your head side on Monday night and pour the water into the plant next day. (Do this on every Monday for good health)

27. Wear coral stone.

28. Grow plants with red flowers.

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