Lal Kitab Remedies for Fourth House (Annual Predictions)

1. Fill a small silver box with rice grains and keep at home.

2. Avoid alcohol.

3. Pet a black dog.

4. Keep a gold brick or some Kesar(saffron) in your cash box.

5. Wear hessonite in silver ring.

6. Respect ladies.

7. Pet a black dog as dog signifies Ketu.

8. Black & white colored marble should be used in kitchen as Ketu has these two colors.

9. Fill a tiny silver pot (Matka) with honey and keep it at home. If one is facing problem in child birth this remedies casts off the negative effects of Ketu. Silver signifies Moon and honey is the signification of Mars.

10. Plant reddish(muli plant) in your home and donate the reddish or gift them to your neighbours.

11. Keep worship place at home clean and tidy.

12. Wear yellow sapphire gemstone in gold ring.

13. Consume milk mixed with kesar (saffron) or turmeric powder for birth of son in the family.

14. Worship Lord Ganesha and Lord Vishnu.

15. a dog; if one dog does not survive get other dog.

16. Don’t buy land from the person who is childless.

17. Avoid business in partnership.

18. Do wear a golden chain or yellow colored thread in your neck.

19. Pet a dog; if one dog does not survive get other dog.

20. Wear a steel ring (which has no joint) in little finger (it will enhance Mercury auspiciousness).

21. Feed the cows with green fodder.

22. Wearing emerald gemstone in gold ring in little finger of right hand on Wednesday will be auspicious.

23. Gift dress in green color to your spouse.

24. Don’t keep green color furniture at home.

25. Avoid partnership business as it may cause financial lose to you.

26. Keep rain water stored on the roof top of the house.

27. Serve the small girls.

28. Paint red color on an iron ball (small) and keep it with you.

29. Don’t paint your office / house in green color.

30. Place a mirror in North/ east direction of the house.

31. Don’t buy house that cuts in the north side.

32. Offer sweet paan to an aged/senior person.

33. If Mercury is afflicted donate Mercury items like green Moong daal, green fruits, green cardamom, bronze vessels etc.

34. Wear silver on your body.

35. Don’t keep any Bagh yantra at home as this is karaka (significator) of Mercury.

36. Establish Budh yantra at home. Write budh mantra on bhoj patra with the help of Ashwagandha paste and wooden stick made by Pomegranate wood. Worshipping of Goddess Durga and chanting of Mercury mantra will be beneficial for you.

37. Don’t keep dried flowers and ashes (remains of aggarbati & doopbati of hawan& yagya) at home.

38. Liquor kept in green glass bottle is not good and it should be avoided,, don’t consume & keep it at home

39. Fill honey in a tiny silver box and keep it at home.

40. Establish a Tulsi plant in North east corner.

41. For good health fill a green glass bottle with water and keep it in sun light everyday. Consume this water very day.

42. Worship Lord Ganesha & chant Ganpathi mantra every day.

43. Don’t let your house on rent.

44. Don’t make company with saints & beggars.

45. Wear copper coin in silver chain (Silver to appease Moon and round coin in copper signifies sun planet). It is said that sun & Moon are parents of Mercury who can improve the spoiled Mercury.

46. Serve your sister & aunt (females relatives are Mercury’s significations. Mercury gets strength if these relatives are happy in their life.)

47. Clean your teeth with alum (alum is governed by Mercury and one may over come dental diseases by using alum).

48. Don’t keep furniture in green color at home this enhances inauspiciousness of Mercury.

49. Wear a steel ring or bracelet which is in one piece without any joint on Wednesday.

50. Feed the birds.

51. Put saffron paste as Tilak on your forehead.

52. Immerse a new earthen pot (Matka) in flowing water.

53. Avoid anger, aggression, over expenditure, and meaningless travels.

54. Avoid having sex during the day. Because this makes the sun weak.

55. Be at the service or take care of your father. Because, our father is the sun.

56. Ensure that all the clocks and watches are in working order.

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