Lal Kitab Remedies for Fifth House (Annual Predictions)

1. Donate coconut in a religious place.

2. You must take silver from your mother and carry it in your purse. Both mother and silver are akin to the power of moon and therefore it increases the benefits of the influences of moon.

3. For good health and education you must drink water or milk out of a silver glass.

4. After bathing run off the dirty water immediately into the drain, and dry the floor with a wiper.

5. You should collect rice and silver from your mother as her blessings and keep safely.

6. Get a solid ball of silver to keep with yourself for father’s well being.

7. For your health gains, distribute bananas among the needy.

8. Wear pearl.

9. For soft skills (art of speaking) wear a gold chain round your neck.

10. Refrain from enjoying the wealth of issueless relatives.

11. Refrain from buying any land belonging to blind, lame, or handicapped person.

12. Give out milk, rice, and silver as alms on the daughter’s birthday, this will enhance her happiness.

13. Give out wheat, jaggery and copper as alms on the occasion of the sons birthday, this will enhance your sons happiness and will enable you to enjoy good fortune.

14. Must chant the mantra of Durga chalisa, which reduces the ill effects of Jupiter and rahu.

15. Chanting the mantra of ‘’om namah shivay’’ strengthens the house of moon.

16. Always have water out of a silver glass to strengthen the effect of moon.

17. Wear a silver chain round your neck, as silver is akin to moon.

18. Arrange for clothes or food for nuns in the church.

19. To the north of the office or house keep a pair of dolphins as north is the moon’s direction and dolphins are symbolic of the moon.

20. The slope of the house or office should be sloping from the north. As the direction of the moon is north water should flow downwards from the north. This way water will not stagnate in front of the house.

21. If you use your cultivable land to get a well dug for common good it will destroy you as moon in the sixth house is weak and hence moon weakens it even more.

22. You should take up profession related to clothes or stitching of apparels.

23. Must make arrangements for water in hospitals or crematories. IF YOU ARE AILING from any disease your presence in a hospital or crematory makes the moon beneficial.

24. Every full moon you must sight it an drake its blessings.

25. Refrain from getting married in the 24th and 36th years of your life

26. Lord Shiva must be worshipped with offerings of water and milk.Chant the mantra-“Om Namah Shivay”

27. Wear real pearl done in silver jewellery.

28. Always place a container full of water in the eastern or northern part of your house.

29. You may keep a patch of your house floor “kuccha” or it is better to fill a pot with mud and place inside the house.

30. You must pay gratitude to your forefather’s souls.

31. Wear a saffron mark on your forehead.

32. Wear topaz or pearl ring in gold.

33. Keep your kitchen clean and tidy.

34. Do not let milk spill when it boils.

35. Pay visit to places of pilgrimage.

36. Always wear a silver chain round your neck

37. While studying keep a glass full of water on your left and take regular sips of water from the glass to be able to concentrate your mind.

38. Instal a fountain in the north of your house

39. Chant the mantra-“Om Namah Shivaay”

40. Refrain from setting up a hand pump or digging a well under the roof of your house.

41. Otherwise you may have to suffer the ill consequences throughout your life. The reason being that twelfth house is akin to the sky and the moon is related to water .If instead of being allowed to be under open sky sources of water are covered by your house –roof,it will have adverse effect on mental peace, milk facilities, rice and even mother.

42. Donate banana fruit to the poor.

43. Take advice from your wife & mother.

44. Don’t stay with you sister in law.

45. Due to the ill influence of moon you must not get married until you are of 25 years of age.

46. Pierce your ears & wear gold ear rings.

47. Wear a silver Moon in silver chain on full Moon night.

48. Always consume milk in which Kesar or turmeric is mixed.

49. Serve your mother and gift her a present.

50. Make pooja place in North East corner of the house.

51. Always follow religion. Don’t change your religion.

52. Donate Red Masoor daal to poor or to a religious place.

53. Make your Jupiter strong.

54. Feed a multicolored dog with bread & milk for seven days.

55. Perform Shraadh for your ancestors in Pitr Paksha.

56. Wear gold bracelet in right hand.

57. Don’t have fight with any female relative - your aunt/ sister/mother and daughter.

58. Don’t keep items like clocks, watches, Radio, Television and other electronic items which are damaged, and not in use at home or shop.

59. Make cordial relation with your sister’s son and keep him happy. Partnership business with sister’s son will prove beneficial.

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