Lal Kitab Remedies for Ninth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Tie onion and garlic in a green cloth and flow them in the river or bury in deserted land on Wednesday.

2. Feed elephant with radish.

3. You should give some part of your income to your sister or daughter.

4. Have food in the kitchen.

5. Give millet to birds.

6. Do not give donations in hospice building.

7. Wear sapphire or substitute of Sapphire Gemstone ‘Nili’ in the gold ring.

8. Offer water to Shiva and chant “om namaha shivaye”

9. Do not put fuel oil, gas, bamboo, wood, threshold etc on your terrace. This is the sign of misfortune.

10. Make the silver wire in the threshold of the house.

11. Donate banana fruit to the poor.

12. Take advice from your wife & mother.

13. Don’t stay with you sister in law.

14. Due to the ill influence of moon you must not get married until you are of 25 years of age.

15. Pierce your ears & wear gold ear rings.

16. Wear emerald in gold ring.

17. Don’t use green color curtains or clothes in your furniture if Mercury is inauspicious in the chart.

18. Feed the cow with green fodder and jaggery for consecutive 43 days to ward off the inauspiciousness of Mercury.

19. Donate milk, rice, sugar, turmeric, channa daal & banana fruits etc in temple.

20. Gift Toffees to small children.

21. Don’t keep any Bagh yantra at home as this is karaka (significator) of Mercury.

22. Establish Budh yantra at home. Write budh mantra on bhoj patra with the help of Ashwagandha paste and wooden stick made by Pomegranate wood. Worshipping of Goddess Durga and chanting of Mercury mantra will be beneficial for you.

23. Don’t keep dried flowers and ashes (remains of aggarbati & doopbati of hawan& yagya) at home.

24. Liquor kept in green glass bottle is not good and it should be avoided,, don’t consume & keep it at home

25. Fill honey in a tiny silver box and keep it at home.

26. Keep all the electronic equipment of the house in working order.

27. You should eat some sugar crystals when you are getting angry.

28. Ask your wife to wear a Thick gold bangle. (If she remains sick).

29. Do not keep the floor of your house red.

30. If you are facing damages because of the government wing/department you should keep fill a silver box with pure water and keep it in your house.

31. You should feed the birds.

32. Take care of your mother.

33. Wear a lot of gold.

34. Stay away from alcohol and drugs.

35. Do not take any free gifts from others.

36. Give monetary help to poor labourers.

37. Wear diamond or American diamond ring made in gold. (For auspicious Venus)

38. Tie cluster bean in white cloth and keep it in your house or office. (For your wife’s health)

39. Do not lit anything of pure ghee in the house. Doing so weakens the venus and inflow of money.

40. Donate a can of ghee in temple every month.

41. For your wife’s health feed cows with green feed and this green feed should weight one tenth the weight of your wife.

42. Wear a gold ring in your ring finger.

43. Ensure that your house and office has good smell.

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