Lal Kitab Remedies for Seventh House (Annual Predictions)

1. If Rahu is good then keep elephant’s teeth at home (not elephant’s toy)

2. Make Durga text.

3. Do not get rapairing work done in the bathroom.

4. Buy home of the person, who don’t have any child.

5. Serve mother.

6. Wear silver (silver is the assest of Moon and Moon is the lord of fourth house).

7. Worship Maa Saraswati.

8. Cradle brown black dog.

9. Keep a black tablet of glass with you.

10. Worship God Ganesha.

11. Worship God Shiva, Hanuman Ji and Bhairav Ji.

12. Keep a square piece of silver with you.

13. Press the silver wire below the threshold of the main gate.

14. Keep ponytail on your head.

15. Put kesar tilak on your forehead.

16. Wear gold.

17. Use neem or herbal soap for bathing.

18. Decorate home with crystal things.

19. Keep the lighter stuff in the North direction of your home.

20. Wear gold and apply saffron tilak on forehead.

21. Drink water in the silver glass.

22. Make an iron ball red colored and keep it with you.

23. Do not make property by your name before the age of 48.

24. Bury the piece of Surma outside your house.

25. Make west direction high at home or office.

26. Do not involve your in-laws in business.

27. Distribute the medicine for eye sight if you get your eye sight weak.

28. Dip pulses overnight and give that to birds in the morning.

29. Bury red alumen under the Earth.

30. Drain rice in running water.

31. Keep and nourish a dog in your house.

32. Do worship of Shri Hanuman ji.

33. Keep black dog at home.

34. Don’t get married before the age of 27

35. Donate leather shoes to poor people.

36. Serve banana to small girls

37. Give sweet food to leprosy Ashram or blind school on seven Saturdays.

38. Press black colored flute in the deserted place. (For the pleasure of households)

39. Never do business in partnership with your relatives.

40. Serve the black cow.

41. Apply mustard oil on chapati and feed it to the cow on Saturday.

42. Don’t put garbage in west direction of the house.

43. Keep a square piece of silver with you.

44. Wear silver.

45. Shed 800 gram tin in the running water.

46. Donate blankets for cemeteries land.

47. Do not give donations in hospice building.

48. Wear sapphire or substitute of Sapphire Gemstone ‘Nili’ in the gold ring.

49. Offer water to Shiva and chant “om namaha shivaye”

50. Do not put fuel oil, gas, bamboo, wood, threshold etc on your terrace. This is the sign of misfortune.

51. Make the silver wire in the threshold of the house.

52. Almonds would be good to place in religion.

53. Feed sweet made of milk to the poor children.

54. Feed milk to old age ladies in vradashram.

55. Do Bhairav Sadhana.

56. Make arrangement for the education of labor or labor’s child.

57. Go for light color interior in your house.

58. Worship God Vishnu.

59. Wear silver ring in the right leg’s toe and tie black color thread in your legs in order to remove the problem of spine bone.

60. If you are going to construct your house then do not stop it in the middle and get it fully completed.

61. Fill fennel in a small polythene and keep it in your room.

62. Keep your house clean and airy.

63. Feed sweet food to blind people in the blind school.

64. Always wear golden chain.

65. Chant ‘Aditya Hridya Strota’ everyday.

66. Gift toys in orphanages.

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