Lal Kitab Remedies for Second House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Do blood donation on your birthday.

2. Neither wear red and maroon clothes nor do your interior decoration with red paint.

3. Keep concrete silver at home, whether it is in small quantity.

4. Do respect of your wife.

5. Place four square pieces of copper in the ground outside the house for the mental peace of wife.

6. Collect wealth from every family member and perform Yajna in any temple.

7. Worship God Shiva, Hanuman Ji and Bhairav Ji.

8. Keep a square piece of silver with you.

9. Press the silver wire below the threshold of the main gate.

10. Keep ponytail on your head.

11. Put kesar tilak on your forehead.

12. Wear gold.

13. You should collect rice and silver from your mother as her blessings and keep safely.

14. Get a solid ball of silver to keep with yourself for father’s well being.

15. For your health gains, distribute bananas among the needy.

16. Wear pearl.

17. For soft skills (art of speaking) wear a gold chain round your neck.

18. Pay obeisance to religious places.


20. Don’t trade in milk and milk products.

21. Wrap silver or rice in a white cloth and keep it at your home, this will change inauspicious moon into auspicious and yield good results.

22. Serve a mare, you will derive untold benefits. Because a mare is an animal of the moon. Therefore by serving it you derive untold benefits of health and wealth.

23. Respect ladies.

24. Pet a black dog as dog signifies Ketu.

25. Black & white colored marble should be used in kitchen as Ketu has these two colors.

26. Fill a tiny silver pot (Matka) with honey and keep it at home. If one is facing problem in child birth this remedies casts off the negative effects of Ketu. Silver signifies Moon and honey is the signification of Mars.

27. Plant reddish(muli plant) in your home and donate the reddish or gift them to your neighbours.

28. Keep worship place at home clean and tidy.

29. Do not engage in activities related to Saturn.

30. Wear gold and silver on your body.

31. Chant Gayatri mantra at least 11 times in a day. (OM BHURBHU SWAHA TAT SAH BITUR BARENYAM BHARGO DEVASYA DHIMAHI DHIYO YONAHA PRACHODAYAT) this mantra will protect you from problems and help in having peace at home. This strengthens the sun.

32. Take control of your anger.

33. Planting trees and ensuring water facility at public places.

34. Distribute food in blind schools and leprosy patient homes.

35. Use Incense and incense stick at home.

36. Donate raw gram pulse in temple for six days.

37. On your daughter’s marriage give her two portions of gold which she should keep all her life or if she is married give her these which she should preserve.

38. Recite Durga path (nqxkZikB) or get innocent girls to do it.

39. Offer yellow lemon at the place of worship.

40. Do not build your house in the vicinity of a religious place.

41. Receive the blessing of your grandparents, parents, Brahmins or cows by taking care and being at their service.

42. Do not show your naked body to anyone.

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