Lal Kitab Remedies for Seventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Read hanuman chalisa and sundar kand.

2. Serve sweet food in andhvidhyalaya on 27 Tuesdays.

3. Put copper vessel filled with water near to your head side on Monday night and pour the water into the plant next day. (Do this on every Monday for good health)

4. Wear coral stone.

5. Grow plants with red flowers.

6. Wear Gomed stone to avoid diseases.

7. Cloths once wear do not wear again without wash.

8. Sprinkle the urine of cow at home everyday.

9. Donate any asset which runs from battery like toy or battery.

10. Give sweet food to leprosy Ashram or blind school on seven Saturdays.

11. Press black colored flute in the deserted place. (For the pleasure of households)

12. Never do business in partnership with your relatives.

13. Serve the black cow.

14. Apply mustard oil on chapati and feed it to the cow on Saturday.

15. Wear a saffron mark on your forehead.

16. Wear topaz or pearl ring in gold.

17. Keep your kitchen clean and tidy.

18. Do not let milk spill when it boils.

19. Pay visit to places of pilgrimage.

20. Worship lord Ganesha daily.

21. Don’t keep green color furniture at home.

22. Avoid partnership business as it may cause financial lose to you.

23. Keep rain water stored on the roof top of the house.

24. Serve the small girls.

25. Paint red color on an iron ball (small) and keep it with you.

26. Do not take silver as donation this will destroy your destiny. But donating silver will make the results of the sun auspicious.

27. Have a good relationship with government bodies.

28. Smear your forehead with saffron teelak.

29. Donating milk or rice at a religious place will give beneficial results. (Rice and milk is symbol of moon and religious place is Jupiter. They are friends of sun, this gives strength to sun.)

30. Pray to lord Vishnu for an auspicious sun.

31. Use yellow, white and light pink colour to decorate.

32. Donate yellow dress to an old person (Yellow color stands for Jupiter and old person is symbolic of guru)

33. Plant lemon tree at religious places or near places where dead bodies are fumigated.

34. Tie 8 turmeric knots in a red cloth and keep it in your house.


36. Chant Gayatri mantra every day.

37. Put turmeric or saffron in bathing water and take bath from that water.

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