Lal Kitab Remedies for Sixth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Don’t do business in partnership.

2. If Mars is too much sinister then mars related things like honey, aniseeds, chhohara should not be kept inside the house and should bury outside your home.

3. Take a medicinal bath in order to make your Mars calm. Mix milk, jaymasi, red flower, Gangajal, nagkesr and jayapusp in water for medicinal bath.

4. Never play gambling, speculation and lottery.

5. Never fight with father and do work with father’s advice.

6. Don’t go for any work, if sneeze comes.

7. Find solutions of Venus debt.

8. Bear the expenditure of the marriage of any poor girl.

9. Keep a brick of silver at your house.

10. Put holy water and a silver cubic in a transparent circular plastic box and keep it at your house.

11. Do worship of Shri Hanuman ji.

12. Keep black dog at home.

13. Don’t get married before the age of 27

14. Donate leather shoes to poor people.

15. Serve banana to small girls

16. Lord Shiva must be worshipped with offerings of water and milk.Chant the mantra-“Om Namah Shivay”

17. Wear real pearl done in silver jewellery.

18. Always place a container full of water in the eastern or northern part of your house.

19. You may keep a patch of your house floor “kuccha” or it is better to fill a pot with mud and place inside the house.

20. You must pay gratitude to your forefather’s souls.

21. Pet a dog at home.

22. Those are suffering from health problems like lungs diseases Channa dal should be immersed in flowing water.

23. Serve your brothers & sisters.

24. Donate Lemons at religious places.

25. Worship lord shiva

26. Gift dress in green color to your spouse.

27. Offer water to the sun.

28. Wear gold on your body.

29. Do not sell gold during your life-time.

30. If you stay in south facing house then tie a silver wire on the frame of the main entrance. This will enable the moon to reduce the bad impact of sun.

31. Have a waterfall on the northern side of your house or office.

32. Mix Curd (thing of the Venus) with your bathing water and take bath with the same.

33. Stay away from women who are not related to you.

34. Do not paint your house with red specially your bedroom.

35. Do not wear white or cream colour cloth.

36. Take care and feed a black cow

37. Paint a small iron ball with red colour and keep it with you all the time.

38. Respect all the members of the house.

39. Engage in activities related to soil it will get you good profits.

40. Keep a small solid silver ball with you.

41. Give religious epics and texts in temples or place of religious worship.

42. Give bouquet of yellow flowers to Christian priest, Brahmins (pandit) or to a religious teacher (guru).

43. Do not donate your old clothes.

44. Feeding the cows with green fodder and sweet bread will bring happiness in your married life.

45. Gift god Vishnu with yellow sandal wood teeka.

46. Fill any vessel with pure water and put a square silver piece inside and cover the same with a lid and keep it in your house.

47. Wear gold or gold jewelry.

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