Lal Kitab Remedies for Eighth House (Annual Predictions)

1. Make sure that you wear a gold chain in your neck this will have a good impact on the sun. Wear ruby in gold.

2. Have a good character and do not give loan to anyone.

3. Wear a golden watch on your wrist.

4. Wear a copper hard bracelet on your right hand. (Copper is an element of Sun)

5. Chant the surya mantra “OM HAAN HING HOOW SHAM SURYAHA NAMAH :”

6. Have good relations with government servants and employees.

7. Do not keep arms which have a sharp edge. Or anything which has rusted like knifes and blades, nails, screwdrivers etc.

8. Wear a coral. (Get coral fitted as a ring in gold or copper and wear it in the middle finger to get the help of Mars).

9. Donate electrical equipment to people if sun is highly inauspicious.

10. Take the opinion of your mother.

11. Do not engage in activities related to Saturn.

12. Wear gold and silver on your body.

13. Chant Gayatri mantra at least 11 times in a day. (OM BHURBHU SWAHA TAT SAH BITUR BARENYAM BHARGO DEVASYA DHIMAHI DHIYO YONAHA PRACHODAYAT) this mantra will protect you from problems and help in having peace at home. This strengthens the sun.

14. Take control of your anger.

15. Wear a coral. (Get coral fitted as a ring in copper).

16. Have your dining room in the east.

17. Wear a saffron teelak on your forehead every day.

18. Have a picture of sun’s face placed on the eastern part of your wall.

19. Eastern part of the country will be good for business for you.

20. You should keep your bedroom color a light yellowish.

21. You should remove the junk from your house like non-functional electronic items, and window-grills,

22. Wear a gold ring in your left hand (This will keep your children away from problems)

23. Have a black colored dog as a pet this will keep all the problems away from your house.

24. Ensure that there is no badh mantra in the house.

25. Keep all the electronic equipment of the house in working order.

26. You should eat some sugar crystals when you are getting angry.

27. Ask your wife to wear a Thick gold bangle. (If she remains sick).

28. Do not keep the floor of your house red.

29. If you are facing damages because of the government wing/department you should keep fill a silver box with pure water and keep it in your house.

30. You should feed the birds.

31. Do not take up the property of anyone who does not have any children.

32. Use rose water every day for your eyes if you are suffering from eye problems.

33. You should keep a white animal as a pet.

34. Wear a thick copper or gold bracelet without any joints on your right wrist this gives strength to the sun.


36. Do not take silver as donation this will destroy your destiny. But donating silver will make the results of the sun auspicious.

37. Have a good relationship with government bodies.

38. Smear your forehead with saffron teelak.

39. Donating milk or rice at a religious place will give beneficial results. (Rice and milk is symbol of moon and religious place is Jupiter. They are friends of sun, this gives strength to sun.)

40. Pray to lord Vishnu for an auspicious sun.

41. Use yellow, white and light pink colour to decorate.

42. Visit your religious places on Sunday’s.

43. Just obey and do things that your father asks you to do.

44. Wear gold it gives strength to the sun.

45. Keep a golden colour handkerchief in your pocket

46. Chant ‘Om ghrini surya aditya’ daily

47. Wear ruby on your body.

48. Gift a bottle of alcohol to your friends. It reduces the bad impact of Saturn on sun. Because in kalpurush’s horoscope eleventh house belongs to Saturn. And Saturn spoils the impact of sun.

49. Have faith in your religion and do not go against the religion.

50. Stay away from women who are not related to you.

51. Do not paint your house with red specially your bedroom.

52. Do not wear white or cream colour cloth.

53. Take care and feed a black cow

54. Paint a small iron ball with red colour and keep it with you all the time.

55. Respect all the members of the house.

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