Lal Kitab Remedies for Tenth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Do not do work related to iron and coal.

2. Give heartily respect to your family.

3. Wear blue sapphire ring in gold in the middle finger.

4. Bow your head bare footed in temple or at some other religious place. (This will reduce the effect of Saturn because a bad man would not lie in the second house of Saturn i.e. temple).

5. Present your wife beautiful clothes and gifts. (The second house is of family by which a Saturn affected individual may try to adjust with his wife).

6. Almonds would be good to place in religion.

7. Feed sweet made of milk to the poor children.

8. Feed milk to old age ladies in vradashram.

9. Do Bhairav Sadhana.

10. Make arrangement for the education of labor or labor’s child.

11. Wear a silver Moon in silver chain on full Moon night.

12. Always consume milk in which Kesar or turmeric is mixed.

13. Serve your mother and gift her a present.

14. Make pooja place in North East corner of the house.

15. Do worship for Goddess Durga.

16. Chant this mantra daily 108 times.

17. Feed the disabled person with Moong dal kichadi.

18. Avid extra marital relations.

19. Establish a Tulsi plant in North east corner.

20. For good health fill a green glass bottle with water and keep it in sun light everyday. Consume this water very day.

21. Worship Lord Ganesha & chant Ganpathi mantra every day.

22. Don’t let your house on rent.

23. Don’t make company with saints & beggars.

24. You should keep your bedroom color a light yellowish.

25. Wear 1.25 ounce pokhraj in gold.

26. Give burial clothes and make arrangements for their funeral of dead orphans.

27. Wear a silver chain.

28. Take care of a pepal tree.

29. Donate medicine in hospital.

30. Offer coconut water to goddess durga or poor unmarried girls.

31. Take herbal bath. For 43 days take bath with a bowl of milk and curd. Do not apply soap.

32. Tie roots of in a white silken cloth tie it with a white thread and carry it with you on Fridays. Also chant the mantra

33. Plant trees

34. Ask your wife to wear golden bangles or bracelet.

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