Lal Kitab Remedies for Third House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Keep some sugar in pocket and try to take it on regular intervals.

2. If you are getting bad effects of Mars then drain the things like honey or anisum in outside your house sewer for 43 days and in this way, you will be able to remove the bad effects of Mars.

3. Have control on your voice.

4. Take a piece of square shaped silver in your pocket or in your chain. (Silver represents moon and square shape is for Mars so it gives strength to Mars.)

5. Try not to indulge in brothers’ disputes.

6. Burn candle in temple, Gurudwara or Church on every Sunday.

7. Consume Trifla in any form.

8. Avoid unbridled sexual desire. Obey intelligent and knowledgable people.

9. Offer the coconut water to God Shiva.

10. Always keep a strong tablet of silver or gold with you.

11. Use neem or herbal soap for bathing.

12. Decorate home with crystal things.

13. Keep the lighter stuff in the North direction of your home.

14. Wear gold and apply saffron tilak on forehead.

15. Drink water in the silver glass.

16. Refrain from enjoying the wealth of issueless relatives.

17. Refrain from buying any land belonging to blind, lame, or handicapped person.

18. Give out milk, rice, and silver as alms on the daughter’s birthday, this will enhance her happiness.

19. Give out wheat, jaggery and copper as alms on the occasion of the sons birthday, this will enhance your sons happiness and will enable you to enjoy good fortune.

20. Must chant the mantra of Durga chalisa, which reduces the ill effects of Jupiter and rahu.

21. Chanting the mantra of ‘’om namah shivay’’ strengthens the house of moon.

22. Must distribute sweetmeats and kheer made out of milk on festival days.

23. Bring some water from the cremation ground and keep it in a corner of your home. If no water is available in the crematorium then you may fill a bottle with water at home and carry it to the crematorium, keep it there for some time and bring it back and carefully place it in your home. This will help you to lessen the ill-effects of moon in your life.

24. Either gift an elder something or give away silver in alms.

25. Take the blessings of mother or her older sister in-law in the family

26. Refrain from black-magic and tantra.

27. Wear yellow sapphire gemstone in gold ring.

28. Consume milk mixed with kesar (saffron) or turmeric powder for birth of son in the family.

29. Worship Lord Ganesha and Lord Vishnu.

30. a dog; if one dog does not survive get other dog.

31. Don’t buy land from the person who is childless.

32. You should remove the junk from your house like non-functional electronic items, and window-grills,

33. Wear a gold ring in your left hand (This will keep your children away from problems)

34. Have a black colored dog as a pet this will keep all the problems away from your house.

35. Ensure that there is no badh mantra in the house.

36. Fill a brass utensil with pure water and keep it in your house.

37. Pray to god Vishnu.

38. Distribute yellow colored sweets for 43 days if Jupiter is highly auspicious.

39. Use white paint in your house instead of cream or yellow.

40. Pierce a copper coin and wear it as neckpiece in a white thread or silver chain.

41. Your office should have light sky colour interiors.

42. Do not accept donation from anyone. Keeping bowing your head in front of religious places this will keep your enemies at bay.

43. For 43 days put a copper coin or blue flower in a gutter.

44. Pray to goddess Saraswati.

45. Donate white silk garments to an elderly lady.

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