Lal Kitab Remedies for Twelfth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Keep almonds or chuare on the place of money.

2. Follow wife’s advice.

3. Serve or distribute salty food items rather than sweets on the child’s birthday.

4. Give milk or bread to the dog.

5. Feed sweet food to blind people in the blind school.

6. Always wear golden chain.

7. Chant ‘Aditya Hridya Strota’ everyday.

8. Gift toys in orphanages.

9. Wear gold bracelet in right hand.

10. Don’t have fight with any female relative - your aunt/ sister/mother and daughter.

11. Don’t keep items like clocks, watches, Radio, Television and other electronic items which are damaged, and not in use at home or shop.

12. Make cordial relation with your sister’s son and keep him happy. Partnership business with sister’s son will prove beneficial.

13. Serve your sister, aunt and daughter.

14. Wear a gold chain on Wednesday for wealth / property.

15. Put Kesar Tilak.

16. Fill a brass vessel with Gangajal and keep it at home.

17. Fill a small silver box with rice grains and keep at home.

18. Put saffron paste as Tilak on your forehead.

19. Immerse a new earthen pot (Matka) in flowing water.

20. Avoid anger, aggression, over expenditure, and meaningless travels.

21. Avoid having sex during the day. Because this makes the sun weak.

22. Be at the service or take care of your father. Because, our father is the sun.

23. Ensure that all the clocks and watches are in working order.

24. Make sure that you wear a gold chain in your neck this will have a good impact on the sun. Wear ruby in gold.

25. Have a good character and do not give loan to anyone.

26. Wear a golden watch on your wrist.

27. Wear a copper hard bracelet on your right hand. (Copper is an element of Sun)

28. Chant the surya mantra “OM HAAN HING HOOW SHAM SURYAHA NAMAH :”

29. Have good relations with government servants and employees.

30. Always keep your house well perfumed and nice smelling

31. Offer blue colour flowers or bouquet of blue colour flowers to goddess Saraswati..

32. Dig and put blue marbles inside the ground in a peaceful place..

33. In your bad times read DurgaSaptsati’skujikastrota daily.

34. Take care of a female horse.

35. Decorate your house with blue and white flowers.

36. Keep mishri in your pocket and have it time by time daily.

37. Every Tuesday have sweet bread or feed also.

38. Serve milk to guests instead of water.

39. Give silver or rice to your elder brother as a present.

40. Give batasha at religious place.

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