Lal Kitab Remedies for Ninth House (Annual Predictions)

1. Keep religious books or temple in the eastern part of your house or office.

2. Plant white flower bearing plants.

3. Give silk dresses as gift to your family members.

4. Get the mantra OM DRA DRI DRON ShShukrayaNamah , engraved on silver palate or locket and also chant the mantra and keep the palate in your house or with you.

5. Fill a small silver box with pure water and keep it in your house.

6. Feed cows with green fodder and sweet bread on Fridays.

7. Planting trees and ensuring water facility at public places.

8. Distribute food in blind schools and leprosy patient homes.

9. Use Incense and incense stick at home.

10. Donate raw gram pulse in temple for six days.

11. On your daughter’s marriage give her two portions of gold which she should keep all her life or if she is married give her these which she should preserve.

12. Clean your private parts with potassium or fennel water.

13. Woman should not walk bear feet.

14. Keep a round silver ball in your pocket.

15. Use cream or yellow colour to paint your house. And get the doors of your house painted with cream colour.

16. Do not engage in any activities related to gold this will not have good impact on your wealth and property.

17. Engage in activities related to soil it will get you good profits.

18. Keep a small solid silver ball with you.

19. Give religious epics and texts in temples or place of religious worship.

20. Give bouquet of yellow flowers to Christian priest, Brahmins (pandit) or to a religious teacher (guru).

21. Donate yellow dress to an old person (Yellow color stands for Jupiter and old person is symbolic of guru)

22. Your office should have light sky colour interiors.

23. Do not accept donation from anyone. Keeping bowing your head in front of religious places this will keep your enemies at bay.

24. For 43 days put a copper coin or blue flower in a gutter.

25. Pray to goddess Saraswati.

26. Donate white silk garments to an elderly lady.

27. Donate multi coloured blankets in temples.

28. In your toe wear a round silver ring.

29. Fill a small silver box with honey and keep it in your house. (Silver represents moon and honey is for mars will help in improving the status of inauspicious Venus.).

30. Chant Om DraDri Sham Shukrayanamah 16000 times.You should chant this mantra sitting on a wollen/white mat facing eastward.

31. Have good conduct with the ladies.

32. Give gift of silk cloth to a lady who is close to your mother’s age.

33. Always apply perfumes/deodorants.

34. Always wear clean shining and pressed clothes.

35. Put raw rice in a silver box and keep it in your house. (For business)

36. Feed milk to snakes. ( For getting favours from government)

37. Fill a silver box with honey and keep it in your house. (For Peace at home)

38. Wear diamond or American diamond ring made in gold. (For auspicious Venus)

39. Tie cluster bean in white cloth and keep it in your house or office. (For your wife’s health)

40. Do not lit anything of pure ghee in the house. Doing so weakens the venus and inflow of money.

41. Donate a can of ghee in temple every month.

42. For your wife’s health feed cows with green feed and this green feed should weight one tenth the weight of your wife.

43. Wear a gold ring in your ring finger.

44. Ensure that your house and office has good smell.

45. Offer coconut water to goddess durga or poor unmarried girls.

46. Take herbal bath. For 43 days take bath with a bowl of milk and curd. Do not apply soap.

47. Tie roots of in a white silken cloth tie it with a white thread and carry it with you on Fridays. Also chant the mantra

48. Plant trees

49. Ask your wife to wear golden bangles or bracelet.

50. Pierce the ears and wear gold ear rings.

51. Wear silver rings in thumb toe.

52. Yellow flowers bearing plants should be planted in plenty at home.

53. Serve food to blind person in blind hermitage on your every birthday.

54. Feed deers on the regualar basis to decrease the bad effects of Mars.

55. Keep mishri in your pocket and have it time by time daily.

56. Every Tuesday have sweet bread or feed also.

57. Serve milk to guests instead of water.

58. Give silver or rice to your elder brother as a present.

59. Give batasha at religious place.

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