Lal Kitab Natural/Divine Debt

Reason :-

Harm other’s dog or son due to bad intentions. Keep bad intentions towards relatives, urinary problem, sudden death of kids and deafness.

Forbidding result :-

Due to the bad effect of Ketu, male kid dies. At first, it is hard to get male kids and if it happens then he hardly survives. If he is alive, then he suffers from physical disorders like deafness, blindness etc. The person gets the results like dog bites, kid’s death after falling from roof, filling of water into backbone etc.

Remedies (Natural / Divines's Debt) :-

. Collect wealth in equal amount from all the family members and feed bread to hundred dogs in a single day.
. Donate a gold made dog at any religious place.
. Pierce your ear and wear gold earrings.

Do any one of these remedies as per the convenience.

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