Lal Kitab Relative Debt

Signs (reason) :-

Giving poison to friends or relatives, a fire in the ripe crop or to set somebody’s house in fire, to get a fertile buffalo killed etc are the symbols of familial debt.

Symptoms :-

The person doesn’t maintain relationships with his/her dearest one and relatives, he/she hates them. Evil incidents occur on child’s birthdays etc.

Reaching at adult stage, person starts getting respect. Starts saving a lot of money. Property yields. People who try to create hurdles in his/her way, they lost themselves. Success certainly appears. But suddenly dice reverses. Lot of troubles occurs. Child birth doesn’t take place or if child takes birth, it dies or if alive, it becomes handicapped. Lack of blood in the body, have Cyclops eye, fighting, doing black magic while digging the foundation etc are the symptoms.

Remedies (Relative's Debt) :-

. Donate money to any doctor after collecting equal amount of money from all family members.
. Distribute medicines free of cost.
. Make the arrangement of medicines for children in the school.

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