Lal Kitab Remedies for Eighth House (Annual Predictions)

1. Wear gold or yellow thread around the neck.

2. Donate 8 pieces of whole turmeric to a religions place for consecutive eight days.

3. Plant Peepal trees at cremation ground.

4. One who prays at the cremation ground, wish is fulfilled for sure.

5. Don’t wear gold.

6. Don’t tie dog on the terrace of the house.

7. Cook eight sweet chapattis in tandoor and feed the dogs for 43 days.

8. Immerse 800 gm Rebri(sweet made of jiggery and sesame) & Batashe(small cake which is made of sugar only) in flowing water.

9. Put a silver wire in daughter’s pierced nose.

10. Store rain water on the terrace of the house.

11. Wear black under wear.

12. Gift red colour bangles to small girls.

13. Fill copper Vessel with whole Mong daal and immerse it in flowing water.

14. Get some water from the cremation ground and keep at home.

15. Donate items related to planets like Sun, jupiter and Mars in a religious place.

16. Take silver & rice from mother and keep it with you.

17. Wear Pearl in gold chain.

18. Immerse 800 gm whole barley in flowing water for consecutive 8 days.

19. Keep a square silver piece with you.

20. Keep a square silver piece with you.

21. Keep a square silver piece with you.

22. Immerse 800 gm black Urad daal in flowing water.

23. Don’t wear black & blue color in your dresses.

24. Mix some milk in your bathing water.

25. One should not live in south facing house.

26. Respect and help the people from in – laws side.

27. One must donate 800 gm wheat and 800 gm Jaggery to a worship place on Sunday.

28. One should not live at in- laws place.

29. Offer blue colour flower to Goddess Sarswati

30. Gift something to mother-in-law.

31. Throw a copper coin is dirty drain for 43 days.

32. Don’t buy any new electric item in that year.

33. Plant yellow flowers bearing plants on various places.

34. Donate two colored black & white blanket the cremation place.

35. Wear a silver ring in toe.

36. Wear silver.

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