Lal Kitab Remedies for Eleventh House (Annual Predictions)

1. Wear gold.

2. Pet a dog.

3. Put kesar Tilak on forehead.

4. Donate cloth for funeral.

5. Wear copper bracelet in hand.

6. Keep father’s handkerchief with you.

7. Bow your head in cremation ground.

8. Pet a black dog.

9. Use black-white colored stone slab in the kitchen.

10. Gift a purse in two colors to spouse.

11. Keep yourself away from double complexion person during that year.

12. Offer Sindoor to lord Hanuman.

13. Put Kesar tilak.

14. Put Kesar tilak.

15. Fill a small tin made of silver with Honey and keep at home.

16. Gift sweets to your brothers/ brother.

17. Clean your teeth with alum.

18. Wear copper coin in white thread in your neck.

19. Serve your mother and aunt.

20. Bow your head outside the temple.

21. Donate milk. Hundred old ladies should be given mil to drink in one day only.

22. Offer 11 litres milk, in Bhairon temple.

23. Mix saffron in the milk and then consume.

24. Give sweet made of thickened milk to eat to eleven small children or 11 laborers.

25. Paint your house with yellow color.

26. Establish an earthen pot before starting any auspicious deed.

27. Keep a silver brick at home.

28. Throw some oil, liquor or spirit in right side of the house before sun rise.

29. Buy a goat from a butcher and make her free.

30. Donate copper in that year.

31. Use pillow which is filled with sand for 43 days.

32. Wear Ruby gemstone ring in copper.

33. Consume milk products.

34. Donate oil.

35. Cottons, curd should be donated in temple.

36. Consume Kesar milk.

37. Wear coral.

38. Wear white Pearl in silver

39. Drink water in silver glass.

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