Lal Kitab Remedies for Fifth House (Annual Predictions)

1. Wear gold chain in neck.

2. Worship Lord Ganesha.

3. Keep a plait on head.

4. Plant Peepal trees.

5. Place solar energy plant in a religious institute.

6. Wear gold.

7. Pet a dog.

8. Give some share from your meal to a dog.

9. Donate rice,milk or red Masoor daal.

10. Donate yellow clothes and gold to family priest.

11. Donate milk.

12. Serve your elder brother.

13. Worship Lord Hanuman.

14. Distribute religious books like ‘Sunder Kand’ .

15. Keep water besides the bed at night & throw it in plants the next morning.

16. Wear Silver ring in left hand.

17. All rice grains in a silver box & keep it at home.

18. Pierce nose.

19. Wear copper coin in locket.

20. Wear pearl.

21. Tie some quantity of sugar & rice grains in white cloth and donate it to some worshipping place.

22. Gift rice & silver to your children.

23. Organize a religious ceremony.

24. Make arrangement of drinking water in an institute.

25. Establish an elephant made of solid silver at home.

26. Get married with your wife once again in traditional manner.

27. Put silver wire at the entrance of the house.

28. Donate on the names of ancestors.

29. Serve dog.

30. Distribute salty mixture instead of sweets on the occasion of child birth.

31. Sprinkle some milk on the gas stove after you finish your cooking for dinner.

32. Put Kajal on your buttocks.

33. Immerse yellow items of Lord Jupiter like – turmeric, Gram daal, yellow flower and saffron in the flowing water.

34. Keep your promises.

35. Serve red-faced monkeys.

36. Married couples should wash their internal organs with curd.

37. Always keep a silver piece with you.

38. Donate a pot in a temple.

39. Obey your parents.

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