Lal Kitab Remedies for First House (Annual Predictions)

1. One must visit to Pushkarji temple (Brahma temple) in Ajmer and take bath in sarovar on full Moon day of Kartik Lunar month.

2. Wear gold chain in neck.

3. Wear ring of yellow sapphire.

4. Donate yellow clothes and feed old Brahmins.

5. Put saffron tilak on forehead.

6. Donate black & white blankets to a religious place.

7. Pet a two colored dog.

8. Feed the monkeys with jiggery(gud).

9. Wear Gold ring.

10. Wear pure silver.

11. Donate Gram Daal(channa), turmeric & besan in a temple.

12. Make company with people of your age.

13. Don’t keep any items made of ivory at home/ office.

14. Take blessings of small girls.

15. Don’t catch the fishes.

16. Avoid green color in furniture at home.

17. Mix some sugar in water; offer this water to Sun God.

18. Postpone your marriage.

19. Take some white pearls, silver piece and grains of rice from your mother and keep them always with you as a token of blessings.

20. Welcome & serve the guests.

21. Use silver utensils at home.

22. Bow head at religious places.

23. Wear a square piece of silver as a locket in the neck.

24. Add some milk in bathing water.

25. Donate jiggery (gud) & copper.

26. Pet monkey at home or keep a clay model of monkey.

27. On the left side of home make a dark room.

28. Burry black Kajal in lonely place.

29. Don’t wear black and blue color in your dresses on Saturday.

30. Serve father or father like figure.

31. Establish a place for water.

32. Pure silver should be taken as gift from in Law’s side.

33. Take bath with curd.

34. Don’t eat jaggery.

35. Sprinkle Cow’s Urine in the house.

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