Lal Kitab Remedies for Fourth House (Annual Predictions)

1. Offer water to Peepal tree every day in that year.

2. Put a red mark on your inner wear.

3. Put a pinch of saffron in a well for consecutive four days.

4. Plant trees bearing yellow flowers in that year.

5. Wear gold earring.

6. Wear silver chain.

7. Gift silk cloth to mother.

8. Immerse four lemons in flowing water for continuous four days.

9. Immerse 400 gm rice grains for 43 days starting from Tuesday in flowing water.

10. Wear ring of three metals (gold, silver & copper)

11. Burry a pot filled with honey in a lonely place.

12. Put Kesar tilak.

13. Wear a silver ball in silver chain.

14. Fill Gangajal in brass pot and establish it at home.

15. Donate rice & milk in a religious place.

16. Wear Ruby in copper.

17. Keep a square piece of Silver with you.

18. Establish an earthen pot filled with milk before starting any auspicious deeds.

19. The works related to cloth in partnership with your mother will be beneficial.

20. Give some part of income to your mother

21. Serve the old ladies.

22. Serve your mother.

23. Don’t change roof of the house.

24. Don’t keep coal bags on the roof top of the house.

25. Don’t wear black cloth on Saturday & Monday.

26. Immerse some milk in the well.

27. Put some liquor in drains.

28. Feed the crows with besan Pakodas

29. Feed the snakes with milk.

30. Serve old/elderly person.

31. Wear a copper coin in the neck.

32. Take care of your wife.

33. Donate wheat flour in a religious place.

34. Fill small silver box with honey and keep it at home.

35. Gift a rose flower to your wife.

36. Feed at least four blind people.

37. Wear golden chain.

38. Wear silver.

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