Lal Kitab Remedies for Jupiter (Annual Predictions)

1. One must visit to Pushkarji temple (Brahma temple) in Ajmer and take bath in sarovar on full Moon day of Kartik Lunar month.

2. Wear gold chain in neck.

3. Wear gold chain in neck.

4. Wear ring of yellow sapphire.

5. Donate yellow clothes and feed old Brahmins.

6. Don’t start business of gold & metal jewelry in that year.

7. Donate chana dal(gram Dal) in yellow cloth to a Brahmin.

8. Put saffron tilak on forehead.

9. Offer sweet (White) to newly wedded bride.

10. Fill the pits if they are in front of the house.

11. Worship Goddess Durga.

12. Offer Besan Ladoos to Lord Vishnu as Prasadam.

13. Keep your intention clean free of malice.

14. Offer sweet Paan to friends/ brothers.

15. Offer water to Peepal tree every day in that year.

16. Put a red mark on your inner wear.

17. Put a pinch of saffron in a well for consecutive four days.

18. Plant trees bearing yellow flowers in that year.

19. Worship Lord Ganesha.

20. Keep a plait on head.

21. Plant Peepal trees.

22. Place solar energy plant in a religious institute.

23. Feed the cocks.

24. Donate cloths to priest to any religious place.

25. Donate Gram Daal in a religious place.

26. Wear gold.

27. Pet a dog.

28. Pet a dog.

29. Put religious posters/ pictures on wall.

30. Gold jewelry & ornaments should be kept tied in yellow cloth.

31. Never give your old clothes in donation to anyone.

32. Wear gold or yellow thread around the neck.

33. Donate 8 pieces of whole turmeric to a religions place for consecutive eight days.

34. Plant Peepal trees at cremation ground.

35. One who prays at the cremation ground, wish is fulfilled for sure.

36. Put saffron paste on forehead as tilak.

37. Fill brass vessel with Gangajal ( pure water) and establish it at home.

38. Bow your head daily in a religious place.

39. Wear yellow sapphire in gold ring.

40. Don’t wear gold.

41. Don’t wear gold.

42. Make sure your nose is clean.

43. Always keep your head covered up.

44. Immerse a whole copper coin in flowing water for consecutive 43 days.

45. Put kesar Tilak on forehead.

46. Donate cloth for funeral.

47. Wear copper bracelet in hand.

48. Keep father’s handkerchief with you.

49. Bow your head in cremation ground.

50. Water and nurture a Peepal tree.

51. Don’t give free teachings/education to anyone.

52. Don’t wear garland of beads in the neck on regular basis.

53. Put saffron paste as tilak on forehead.

54. Worship lord shiva.

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