Lal Kitab Remedies for Ketu (Annual Predictions)

1. Wear gold chain in neck.

2. Put saffron tilak on forehead.

3. Worship Lord Ganesha.

4. Wear gold.

5. Wear gold.

6. Pet a dog.

7. Put saffron paste as tilak on forehead.

8. Donate black & white blankets to a religious place.

9. Donate black & white blankets to a religious place.

10. Pet a two colored dog.

11. Feed the monkeys with jiggery(gud).

12. Wear Gold ring.

13. Donate Bananas to poor children.

14. Donate Bananas to poor children.

15. Feed the dogs with chapattis.

16. Wear gold earring.

17. Wear gold earring.

18. Wear gold earring.

19. Wear gold in others parts of the body too.

20. One should not stay / live in the house facing south.

21. One must visit a religious place or to a pilgrimage.

22. Wear silver chain.

23. Gift silk cloth to mother.

24. Immerse four lemons in flowing water for continuous four days.

25. Give some share from your meal to a dog.

26. Donate rice,milk or red Masoor daal.

27. Donate yellow clothes and gold to family priest.

28. Drink milk mixed with saffron.

29. Wear gold ring in left hand finger.

30. Pet a black dog.

31. Pet a black dog.

32. Put saffron tilak for consecutive 43 days on forehead.

33. Wear Ketu gemstone (cats eye).

34. Don’t tie dog on the terrace of the house.

35. Worship Lord Vishnu.

36. Distribute Sweets made of Besan (Gram dal).

37. Keep a golden brick at home in your locker.

38. Keep honey in silver vessel.

39. Immerse black & white sesame seeds in flowing water.

40. Donate reddish.

41. Use black-white colored stone slab in the kitchen.

42. Gift a purse in two colors to spouse.

43. Keep yourself away from double complexion person during that year.

44. When you consume milk put your thumb in the milk.

45. Plant yellow flowers bearing plants on various places.

46. Donate two colored black & white blanket the cremation place.

47. Wear a silver ring in toe.

48. Worship Lord Ganesha & Lord Shiva.

49. Pet a dog or serve a dog.

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