Lal Kitab Remedies for Mars (Annual Predictions)

1. Pet a dog.

2. Wear pure silver.

3. Donate Gram Daal(channa), turmeric & besan in a temple.

4. Make company with people of your age.

5. Don’t keep any items made of ivory at home/ office.

6. Pet a deer.

7. Keep a red color handkerchief with you.

8. Offer fennel (Saunf) & crystalized sugar (Mishri) to the guests after meal.

9. Wear a silver bracelet which has no joint with an iron nail.

10. Offer Sindoor to lord Hanuman.

11. Offer Sindoor to lord Hanuman.

12. Wear red coral.

13. Plant a rose tree at home on Tuesday.

14. Immerse 400 gm rice grains for 43 days starting from Tuesday in flowing water.

15. Wear ring of three metals (gold, silver & copper)

16. Burry a pot filled with honey in a lonely place.

17. Donate milk.

18. Serve your elder brother.

19. Worship Lord Hanuman.

20. Distribute religious books like ‘Sunder Kand’ .

21. Keep water besides the bed at night & throw it in plants the next morning.

22. Serve small girls.

23. Donate rice & silver in a temple.

24. Worship Lord Ganesha to win over enemies.

25. Distribute salted mixture with sweet in ceremonies that take place at home.

26. Wear a copper ring.

27. Immerse Masoor Dal in the river or donate in the temple.

28. Keep silver ball in your pocket.

29. Donate coconut, Urad daal and Almonds in a religious place.

30. Keep a water fall/ fountain in North side of house.

31. Cook eight sweet chapattis in tandoor and feed the dogs for 43 days.

32. Immerse 800 gm Rebri(sweet made of jiggery and sesame) & Batashe(small cake which is made of sugar only) in flowing water.

33. Wear coral in gold ring.

34. Put Kesar tilak.

35. Offer some salted Prasadam with the sweet to Lord Hanuman.

36. Visit a zoo and give something to eat to Deers there.

37. Serve, one eyed, dark complexioned & childless person.

38. Consume sweet food.

39. Chant Hanuman chalisa.

40. Feed the fishes.

41. Fill a small tin made of silver with Honey and keep at home.

42. Gift sweets to your brothers/ brother.

43. Feed the Dogs with sweet chapattis.

44. Serve your Guru or mentor.

45. Keep rice or silver with you.

46. Offer Batashe(sweet candy) in a temple.

47. Don’t keep any weapon at home.

48. Keep a square piece of Silver with you.

49. Keep a square silver piece with you.

50. Wear silver.

51. Immerse (Rebri) sweet made of jaggery and sesame seeds in flowing water.

52. Donate jaggery & wheat to a small child.

53. Serve saunf(fennel) & Mishri(sugar candy) after meal to the guests.

54. Keep red colored handkerchief with you.

55. Wear coral.

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