Lal Kitab Remedies for Mercury (Annual Predictions)

1. Worship Lord Ganesha.

2. Put Kesar tilak.

3. Put Kesar tilak.

4. Put Kesar tilak.

5. Take blessings of small girls.

6. Don’t catch the fishes.

7. Avoid green color in furniture at home.

8. Mix some sugar in water; offer this water to Sun God.

9. Keep silver ball with you.

10. Clean your teeth with alum.

11. Clean your teeth with alum.

12. Donate Channa daal in temple.

13. Soak Moong Dal at night and feed the birds for 43 days.

14. Pierce the nose.

15. Clean your teeth with alum everyday.

16. Read Durga Chalisa & distribute book of it.

17. Wear Ruby gemstone in copper.

18. Wear a silver ball in silver chain.

19. Fill Gangajal in brass pot and establish it at home.

20. Donate rice & milk in a religious place.

21. Wear Ruby in copper.

22. Wear Silver ring in left hand.

23. Wear Silver ring in left hand.

24. All rice grains in a silver box & keep it at home.

25. Pierce nose.

26. Wear copper coin in locket.

27. Wear pearl.

28. Don’t carry flowers with you while going for work.

29. Fill an earthen pot with milk and bury it at lonely place.

30. Serve your grand daughter.

31. Wear emerald gemstone in gold ring.

32. Don’t involve in arguments & court related matters.

33. Don’t accept any donated item for Mercury.

34. Keep fast on Wednesday.

35. Chant mantras for goddess Durga.

36. Put a silver wire in daughter’s pierced nose.

37. Store rain water on the terrace of the house.

38. Wear black under wear.

39. Gift red colour bangles to small girls.

40. Fill copper Vessel with whole Mong daal and immerse it in flowing water.

41. Paint Red color on iron balls & keep them in your pocket.

42. Donate an earthen pot filled with mushroom in a religious place.

43. Don’t keep green color liquor bottle at home.

44. Feed the Cow with grass.

45. Offer dry coconut in temple.

46. Don’t plant Tulsi & money plants at home.

47. Avoid fishing.

48. Wear copper coin in white thread in your neck.

49. Serve your mother and aunt.

50. Bow your head outside the temple.

51. Immerse an empty earthen pot in flowing water.

52. Wear a gold ring in index finger.

53. Pierce your nose.

54. Wear silver.

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