Lal Kitab Remedies for Moon (Annual Predictions)

1. Wear yellow sapphire in gold ring.

2. Feed the fishes.

3. Postpone your marriage.

4. Take some white pearls, silver piece and grains of rice from your mother and keep them always with you as a token of blessings.

5. Welcome & serve the guests.

6. Use silver utensils at home.

7. Bury a piece of silver in the foundation of the house.

8. Wear a pearl ring.

9. Collect water from sacred resources and keep it in northern side of the room.

10. Feed small girls with a sweet dish made of milk & rice at least for eleven Mondays.

11. Gift Silver items on the occasion of your daughter’s birthday.

12. Keep a square piece of Silver with you.

13. Make a small pouch filled with sugar cubes and keep it in the pocket. Consume a cube occasionally.

14. Establish an earthen pot filled with milk before starting any auspicious deeds.

15. The works related to cloth in partnership with your mother will be beneficial.

16. Give some part of income to your mother

17. Serve the old ladies.

18. Tie some quantity of sugar & rice grains in white cloth and donate it to some worshipping place.

19. Gift rice & silver to your children.

20. Organize a religious ceremony.

21. Make arrangement of drinking water in an institute.

22. Don’t make arrangement for the free distribution of water.

23. Pet the rabbits.

24. Make water arrangement at the death places like cremation grounds or grave yard etc.

25. Don’t consume milk at night.

26. Donate milk, Sugar, Saffron, honey and black gram dal for twenty three days in a religious place

27. Take whole grain rice from your in- laws at the time of your marriage and keep it at your home. The weight of the rice should be equal to the 10th part of your spouse’s weight.

28. Must take silver from in- laws.

29. If you are in business, make God one of your partner.

30. Get some water from the cremation ground and keep at home.

31. Donate items related to planets like Sun, jupiter and Mars in a religious place.

32. Take silver & rice from mother and keep it with you.

33. Wear Pearl in gold chain.

34. Fill a small box of silver with water and establish at home.

35. Donate milk to workers.

36. Distribute free medicines to the patients.

37. Feed at least 10 blind people once in a year.

38. Put silver nails in the legs of the bed.

39. Donate milk. Hundred old ladies should be given mil to drink in one day only.

40. Offer 11 litres milk, in Bhairon temple.

41. Mix saffron in the milk and then consume.

42. Give sweet made of thickened milk to eat to eleven small children or 11 laborers.

43. Store rain water in crystal pan and keep in the house.

44. If you have to travel, consume some sugar before going.

45. Pet a white bitch.

46. Put saffron tilak.

47. Worship lord shiva.

48. Worship Maa Durga Goddess/ female entity.

49. Bow your head in a religious place

50. Wear white Pearl in silver

51. Don’t wear gold in the ears.

52. Drink/ consume liquides in silver vessels.

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