Lal Kitab Remedies for Ninth House (Annual Predictions)

1. Wear gold.

2. Wear gold.

3. Wear gold.

4. Pet a dog.

5. Put saffron paste on forehead as tilak.

6. Fill brass vessel with Gangajal ( pure water) and establish it at home.

7. Bow your head daily in a religious place.

8. Wear yellow sapphire in gold ring.

9. Wear yellow sapphire in gold ring.

10. Worship Lord Vishnu.

11. Distribute Sweets made of Besan (Gram dal).

12. Keep a golden brick at home in your locker.

13. Wear coral in gold ring.

14. Put Kesar tilak.

15. Put Kesar tilak.

16. Put Kesar tilak.

17. Offer some salted Prasadam with the sweet to Lord Hanuman.

18. Paint Red color on iron balls & keep them in your pocket.

19. Donate an earthen pot filled with mushroom in a religious place.

20. Fill a small box of silver with water and establish at home.

21. Donate milk to workers.

22. Don’t wear hessonite gemstone in that year.

23. Do bow your head in a temple.

24. Put saffron tilak.

25. Put saffron tilak.

26. Never accept gift/ donation of milk / rice/ silver

27. Put copper nails on the legs of the bed where you sleep.

28. Do not do pilgrims.

29. Always keep some dry fruits in big brass vessels.

30. Fill a pot with honey and keep it at home.

31. Gift silver bangles to wife painted with red color on it.

32. Participate in religious functions.

33. Wear silver.

34. Serve saunf(fennel) & Mishri(sugar candy) after meal to the guests.

35. Keep red colored handkerchief with you.

36. Bow your head in a religious place

37. Put Kesar (Saffron) Tilak

38. Keep your relations cordial with in-laws.

39. Immerse almonds in flowing water.

40. ‘Gayatri Havan’ should be performed in temple.

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