Lal Kitab Remedies for Saturn (Annual Predictions)

1. Wear gold.

2. Pet a dog.

3. Put Kesar tilak.

4. Keep a square silver piece with you.

5. Pet monkey at home or keep a clay model of monkey.

6. On the left side of home make a dark room.

7. Burry black Kajal in lonely place.

8. Don’t wear black and blue color in your dresses on Saturday.

9. Never put oil on your forehead.

10. Put Tilak with milk or curd paste.

11. Feed the snake with milk.

12. Donate sandal wood (Chandan) & Urad daal in temple.

13. Give medicine free used for eye problems.

14. Don’t stay in the house which has its opening either in East or South.

15. Immerse rice in flowing water.

16. Don’t wear black cloth on Saturday & Monday.

17. Immerse some milk in the well.

18. Put some liquor in drains.

19. Feed the crows with besan Pakodas

20. Feed the snakes with milk.

21. Serve dog.

22. Distribute salty mixture instead of sweets on the occasion of child birth.

23. Sprinkle some milk on the gas stove after you finish your cooking for dinner.

24. Put Kajal on your buttocks.

25. Don’t buy any leather or iron item in that year.

26. Serve the snake.

27. Give some almonds for eating to goat.

28. Burry a pot of honey in lonely place.

29. Fill sugar in a flute & burry it in lonely place.

30. Use black color for your inner wears.

31. Put Rose water or Gangajal in the eyes.

32. Immerse 800 gm black Urad daal in flowing water.

33. Don’t wear black & blue color in your dresses.

34. Mix some milk in your bathing water.

35. Put saffron tilak.

36. Consume the food which has been begged before ten days of your birthday (from outside home)

37. Don’t keep any weapon with you.

38. Feed ten blind persons.

39. Execute your work by sitting at one place.

40. Don’t start iron business in that year.

41. Establish an earthen pot before starting any auspicious deed.

42. Keep a silver brick at home.

43. Throw some oil, liquor or spirit in right side of the house before sun rise.

44. Tie some almonds in a black piece of cloth and leave it in iron vessel throughout the year.

45. Feed the insects with roasted Atta in which oil & sugar is mixed after sunset.

46. Feed the fishes with almonds for 12 Saturdays.

47. Help the labor class with some cash money occasionally.

48. Wear silver.

49. Donate some almonds to small girls.

50. Keep your relations cordial with in-laws.

51. Immerse almonds in flowing water.

52. ‘Gayatri Havan’ should be performed in temple.

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